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Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Ours was filled with lots of playtime and craft time with my kids.

Today, I am sharing 3 creative crafts using Crayola products. I just have to realize that my life would be so boring without creating. When it comes to crafting and creating, I am the happiest if I can get my kids to help me. Just like every child, my boys like to get messy ..and not only that, but hey also like to make a huge mess on the table with my craft stuff. We took a quick trip to Walmart, and we got 3 amazing Crayola products for this weekend’s crafts. (Thank You #CollectiveBias)

The weather is still yucky here in VA… in fact, it’s snowing at the moment and my kids have no school.

We love snow,but when it’s only 20 degrees outside you can not be out for more than 40 minutes. As we trapped inside I usually have to get creative with occupying my kiddos. These fun projects below certainly help on those days!

Crayola @Walmart

For our crafts we picked the Crayola crayons , the   Crayola Washable Kids paint  and Crayola Side Walk Chalk.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com

Are you ready to see what we have created?

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com

For our first project, we used Washable Kids Paint. I work part time, which lots of time ends up being full time in our family business. I am trying to design my new office and I as I plan the design, I had to realize that I needed some sort of wall art. Maybe a huge abstract wall art … didn’t hesitated much, we jumped right in to the painting project.

My boys got super duper excited when I prepared the table for the project. They could not wait to get messy.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop.

All we needed was some different size brushes, white paper  and some basic colors to create a huge abstract wall art.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-25

You can probably imagine the mess we made by the end of the project…but it was all worth it;-)

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-4

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop...

Do you spot that little  hand covered with paint? Luckily this paint from  Crayola  is washable and easily comes off.

 We used the basic colors and simply painted straight brush strokes. I helped with the straight lines of course.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-26

Get- Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop

Off to the next project:

Teacher’s appreciation day is just a few months away but believe me, it will be here before you know it. We created this amazingly cute crayon vase using Crayola crayons . We wanted to use lots of colors and this product certainly has it.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-

Teachers are always in a need of school supplies. In my son’s class they draw a lot and these colorful crayons will definitely come handy.


–  Crayola Crayons

– Empty can

– Scrapbook paper

– Glue


Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-7

This project is easier than you think.

Wrap your empty can with a colorful scrapbook paper and glue the crayons on the side of the can. Simple is that.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-8

These colors are just gorgeous together. I LOVE it!

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-10

Once you glued the crayons on the can, embellish with some colorful, pretty ribbon.

Get Creative with Crayola @placeofmytaste.com-18

Last year I created a sweet PRINTABLE that we printed to go with this gift. My son signed his name on  it and it is ready to go to Mrs. B in a few months. At least one teacher gift is checked off the list.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com

Crayola vase

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-18

And now onto the last project.I hope you keep reading, this will be a fun one.

Sometimes it can be tricky to occupy the kids for so long inside when its’s muddy or rainy outside. My kids have a zillion toys and of course they don’t have anything to play with on those days, ha..?

They love chalk  outside on the driveway but it’s not always possible.

I thought creating a surface for them inside be the key. My older draws all the time as he learns his letters now abd his little brother is jsut copies everything. I use an IKEA expedit shelf unit to storage my kids toys { look out for a post soon with printable labels for the bins} and the side of that shelf unit  was a perfect surface for this chalk board.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com.


– Chalk Paint

– Roll

– Painters Tape

– Bucket to hold the chalk

– Hook to hold the bucket

Painting Chalk on Shelf unit

I painted 2 coats of chalk paint on the side of the shelf unit. Used a hairdryer to fasten the drying time and it was dry in minutes. I had a small silver bucket and I painted a chalk board label on it to be able to write out “CHALK” .

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-38

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-40

Now there is no need to go outside if the kiddos wants to draw with their chalk.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-42

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-45


My kids are definitely enjoying this fantastic chalk board.

Get Creative with Crayola #ColorfulCreations #shop@placeofmytaste.com-54

What can I say? We love Crayola…and we love our #ColorfulCreations 😉

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Thanks for visiting today and I hope I inspired You!


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