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Brown Paper Gift Wrapping
Here I am a day before Christmas and I am wrapping my gifts last minute. ..altough I love wrapping gifts it is always stays for the day before Christmas Eve.
Walking by pretty wrapping papers and seeing their price ($3-6) made me to choose the most inexpensive way to go this year.I always thought spending those $-s on wrapping paper is such waste of money. You wrap everything up and as soon as all those nicely wrapped gits are opened these expensive papers will end up in a trash.
Brown wrapping paper from dollar store is my choice for this
Adding cute lines with some crafting(Washi) tapes and scrapbook papers made my gifts look beautiful.
 These decorative tapes are excellent to any crafting projects: sealing envelopes,decorate presents, dress up folders ..and you name it.You can get them in Michael’s. I picked the ones on sale(50% off).
They come in every coloe and pattern.
Using  clothes pins covered with these decorative tapes are a nice way to hold little note cards and name cards on gifts.


Using the same brown wrapping papers i made a bow to decorate the already wrapped gift.
Here are the steps how to make a bow out of paper.
  1. Cut up paper stripes
  2. If you use decorative tape: cover one side with it
  3. Curl them up and tide together with double sided tape
  4. Make 8-10 pieces and stick them together.
…and olalah my pretty gifts. Can not wait to see my family to open them.
Merry Christmas!

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