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New Season, New House

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It’s been a while since I updated you guys on our current situation and happenings, so here it is.

After 3 years of traveling full-time and living on the road, we stopped and settled down in Virginia. If you have been following on Instagram, you already know this news but I know lots of you are not part of the Instagram community so I felt the need to share here.

The past three years living nomad on the road throughtout America taught us a lot and we will never regret any minute of that beautiful season of our lives.

We traveled to 43 states and adventured to the most epic places in the US. We met some amazing people, made life-long friendships, we volunteered in a State Park for a few months, and after all we grew a lot as individuals in the process.

The boys had the very best learning experiences.

I documented all of our travels – mainly for us – and I still have a plan to share our favorite National Parks, State Parks, and Campgrounds on a new travel blog one day. But you know, slowly getting back to this so called: normal life and trying to tackle it all- one day at a time!

Why Virginia?

When we left three yrs ago we were almost positiv that we will never move back to VA. It was not planned, to be honest with you – it just happened.

Back in September of 2023, we bought a house and currently, we are making this house a home – Aniko style.:-) And you know what that means..? Lots of DIY projects which will lead to the next group of DIY projects shared here on Place of My Taste. This new house is in a new season and you will see a slightly different design aspect that I felt bringing into this home.

One word will fit for this house:


See my inspiration board below:

Here are a few pics of the house when we moved in.

I have lots to share so if you enjoyed our DIYs and decor style in the past, be sure to stick around, check back often, and get inspired by the projects that will be shared on the blog.

The very first project that I tackled in the house was my son’s room.


Thanks for reading and visiting today.



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