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NEUTRAL LIVING ROOM – Client’s project


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Well! I have been decorating my own house for the last 5-6 years, and at the end of last year I took on my first client’s project. I’m super excited to share the details with you guys of my client’s new neutral living room update today.

living room project neutral


I have known this sweet family since my oldest kid went to preschool which has been a few years already. It’s funny how you form relationships with your kid’s peers parents. So anyway, the mom reached out to me and said that she has been following my blog and she loves my decor style, and she would love to have my ideas for her living room update as she was just busy with work and did not have a design plan on her own. We set up our initial meeting, and we had a little chat about what I would envision and her priorities in her space.

As soon as I walked into her living room, my brain immediately started rolling, and the ideas started coming.

Below is a picture I took when I first went to her house so you can see what we started with.

living room makeover before

living room makeover before

The living room definitely needed some love and personality. I know we can get busy with our lives, and we all juggle life and work, but I think it’s important to get home after a long day and enjoy our home and atmosphere. The family didn’t want to invest in lots of new furniture, such as a couch and more significant renovations but they had a budget to add smaller pieces to bring this space to back to life.

After our initial consultation, I set down and provided my client with three mood boards based on her requests and my ideas.

mood board for living room makeover 1

My client was leaning towards to the blue hues, and natural color pallet which are super easy to work with and those are my favorite colors as well so I was all over that!

We found some pieces online that we added to this living room and did our best to support our local shops too. We didn’t need to hire contractors to do the painting jobs as my client’s husband is a contractor so that’s awesome and we saved a lot on their budget that way. I recommended painting the brick fireplace and the beams plus we also decided to add a nice chunky mantel to the fireplace.

blue hue living room makeover

living room painted exposed beams

neutral living room makeover

My favorite part of this makeover was adding this fantastic, personalized gallery wall. It’s just stunning and I think everyone needs a great family wall. Just last week I was reminded what gift it is – each day we have – and not to take it for granted. Show off your silly pictures, travel if you can, hug your kids,  take chances and spend more time with your loved ones!

perfect living room gallery wall

gorgeous gallery wall

small elements living room makeover

living room before and after

I found this GHAW-JUSSS console table at Home Goods, and I immediately knew that it would be the perfect piece to bring in some lighter, natural color against that dark couch. We utilized that console table with baskets that also helped to bring more texture to the space.

living room dark and light contrast


living room brought to life

I added lots of blues but I think it blends in well with the darker brown hues.living room blue hue

living room before and after

Adding a few greens (faux and real) helped to feel the room airy and bring in some life.

living room interior design neutral blue hue

living room interior design neutral blue hue

What do you think? If you are local and need some design help, I would love to step in and help you with your needs! Be sure to email me or find me on Instagram (place_ofmy_taste) and we’ll get the ball rolling!

If you are not local and would still love to get some design help, visit my E-design page and learn more about my services! You need more living room inspiration be sure to check out this gorgeous living room, or our fun and eclectic living room🙂

Pin it now to reflect on later and share this new fresh look with your friends.

living room fabulous makeover

Hope you enjoy this and my other designs- leave me a comment and let me know what you like.




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  1. Hello there,

    May I ask where did the beautiful white/blue rug came from?

    So impressed with this room transformation, and amazed what you can do with a small budget, paint job and key furniture pieces. I just had some ideas for my diner/ leaving room too…

    ALOHA from Honolulu!!

  2. Aniko this is absolutely stunning and a great way to show others that having a brown leather sofa isn’t the end all be all. I love the wood tones mixed with the blues and greenery, Great job!

    1. I would also like to know more about the wood beams? Is that I faux paint over the existing beams to make it look like wood grain?

    2. I would love to hear more about what you did with the beams also. Is it a faux finish on the drywall to make it look like wood? How was that done?

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