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Officecraft room reveal-Placeofmytaste.com

PHEW! It is week 6 of the One room challenge!

What was I thinking when I signed up for this challenge?

I thought 6 weeks will be PLENTY for makeover a room. Well, NOT when the room is messy as my room was. I got the majority projects I wanted to tackle done, but not everything.

What I imagined for this room is pretty much what you will see on the pictures below. Lots of golden touches, feminine feel to the room, pretty, stylish and classy at the same time.. I wanted all this in one room.

I spend so much time in this room and I hated coming in as it was always such a mess. It was a room for everything. I needed to get myself together and organize this room so I can actually find things when I look for them.

Are you ready to see what I have done int he last 6 weeks?

No more talking for me here, I wanted you to see all little details so get ready to see lots of pics but before that

Here is a quick snapshot of this room before:


Ouch…not very pretty…

…and now to the REVEAL of my


Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-37

This office desk has lots of space and enough for me to have all my little things around that I need for my everyday.

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-13

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-14


the bin on the side of my office desk holds wrapping papers, adhesive papers and all the bigger paper boards that I clearly can’t hide..but I think it looks stylish on the side this office desk.


Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-10

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-24

I like mixing metals, so I have silver, gold mixed everywhere in the room. My magnetic piece holds cans that are wrapped with white paper and decorated with golden heart shaped stickers.

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-38

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-12

The lamp was upcycled from an old IKEA lamp. (link on the bottom of the post to see tutorial)

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-14


My mouse pad was DIY-ed as well, have not shared tutorial yet, but it will be on the blog soon!

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-35

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-16

This is my little crafting corner…YAY..no m ore mess with crafting stuffs in the dining room!!

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-29

Last week I shared this Ah-mazing and classy pegboard organizer that I made. Love it and now it is hanging in the wall in my little crafting corner.:-)

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-17

DIY pegboard organizer-gold and white-Placeofmytaste.com-8

Small, cute containers holding paint brushes.

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-18

What a perfect surface to get my crafting done..:)

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-19

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-2-2

Chair was upholstered with pretty fabric.

DIY fabric roller shade- One room challenge Week 3-Placeofmytaste.com-11


Roller shade was DIY-ed with the same fabric as I used for upholstering the chair.DIY fabric roller shade- One room challenge Week 3-Placeofmytaste.com-13

DIY fabric roller shade- One room challenge Week 3-Placeofmytaste.com-20

On the other side of that little nook I made another pegboard that holds my paint cans and other craft supplies.

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-30

The wall accross the room was pretty empty so I decided to DIY a huge wall art. Took me literally 5 minutes.

Love it…

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-23


Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-25

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-26

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-33

My super comfy office chair…It is from IKEA and I would not change it anything.

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-27

My bookcase that was prettied up with some B&W adhesive paper.

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-6




Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-31




Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-36

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-8

Office-Craft Room makeover - Placeofmytaste.com-28

Okay…so what do yo think?

Yay or Nay?

I think I will love coming into this room and spending time here will feel great.

There some other amazing project revels today.Check them out here, on Calling it Home, the host site for this amazing challenge.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to see each weeks detailed posts.


Thanks for visiting today!

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  1. My jaw is dropped at the transformation of your room! I love that you made black and white fun and not boring. All the little details are spot on and add so much depth to your room! Great job!

  2. AHHHH! Are you kidding me, lady! I am in love. You did such an amazing job and I’m in awe that you made so much progress so quickly. What a lovely space.

  3. It is just darling! Love it 🙂 so fresh and nicely organized, and a great creative space. Nice work!!! Now you can relax and just enjoy it! Xo, Amy

  4. I love it! I work at home in a studio condo. I love the desk mounted to the wall. I would love more details on the desk. It looks like a great space saver. You always have great ideas & I always look forward to your posts.

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