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You guys! I am at it again! The FALL 2016 ONE ROOM CHALLANGE starts today, hosted by Linda from Calling it Home. I’ve done four one room challenge in the past, and I would not skip this fall ORC, or perhaps to say any ORC. I love this series so much, not only because it helps me stay on track with the room makeover, but I like to see all the amazing and inspiring designers who are participating in the challenge. Linda invited me to be one the 20 amazing featured designers, this time, and I am truly honored to see my name among such talented and wonderful designers. Wow!

So just a few things about me, in case you are new here….

I am a lover of eclectic home decor, styling, neutral tones with pops of colors. I change my decor often, so I never get bored with any of my design situations:-) To really get a feel of my style be sure to visit this PAGE  to see my previous ORC room makeovers. I have a few rooms that are truly my favorite room makeovers EVER! So be sure to pop over to THIS PAGE and browse through my work.

Here is two of my favorite before and afters

before after


When I was asked to participate in the ORC, I had to think OF which room I am going to makeover this time. Not because all of our room are completely done but which room do we need to get done first kinda hesitation. Sometimes we neglect rooms as we don’t necessarily use it on a daily basis or we are just OK with how it looks like in its current status. When we moved into our home eight years ago, I had a different design style. Like totally different design style:-) I am kind of feel like I get better with age:-) Back then I loved colors.

Like green, yellow and brown. On the walls!!!Yuk!

You can witness my love for green on my before pics below:-)

So are you guys ready to see the room I chose to makeover this time? You can choose to watch my short video or scroll down to see pictures!


Woooow! That green is a killer, ha! So yes, this guest bathroom will get a nice little facelift in the next five weeks!

A lot has to be done, and a lot of things needs to go! A few years ago I could not help but paint this oak vanity to make it look just a little more stylish.  I am not complaining, it served us with its dark brown doors for 3-4 years, but the style and lines of the cabinet are really are not my style. Vanity needs to go! Period!


How about that vinyl floor that was put in when the house was built?? Yuk! Gotta go, we are ready for some change!


Oh and that plastic tub…

I hope we can get it through the door haha!



Can you tell that we have lots to DOOOOO!! I have my plans lined up and can’t wait to share with you guys what I have planned for this guest bathroom! Stay tuned and check back here to see what’s next!!

Oh and I can not leave you without an inspiration image:-)



CHECK OUT MY PREVIOUS ROOM MAKEOVERSorc-blue-transparent-400x400

And now be sure to browse through all these fabulous ORC designers! I can’t wait to see each of them shine their beautiful taste and decor style through their makeovers!



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Waiting on Martha  Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by CIH

Cheers for a great week!


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  1. Well, one things’s for sure…it’s going to be a dramatic before and after! I love the inspiration picture, and I’m a huge fan of your style, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Can we expect some of your original artwork (hopefully!)? I’ve participated in a few ORCs, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I’m sitting this one out. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching everyone else’s transformations, though!


  2. I always admire the ORC participates who tackle a bath or kitchen reno! Good Luch and I can’t wait for the reveal…love the inspiration picture for sure:)

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