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Open Pantry? Or shot the door and forget it? Yes, you read that right! Which one is your perfect choice?

This is a sponsored post by Tuesday Morning. All opinions are 100% on my own!

Beautiful Open Pantry! Wow!

Well, well! Let me tell you guys! You can quickly transform a FORGOTTEN space with only a few new accessories to make a huge difference!

Today I will show you how I changed my FORGOTTEN pantry from messy to beautiful, thanks to Tuesday Morning!

But first, let me confess here! I was the SHOT THE DOOR and forget it gal. Always! Until I realized that the only way to stay organized for me was to keep things in sight!


A few years ago we took off the cabinets in my kitchen, and we added floating open shelves, and it was the BEST decision I have ever made.

My open kitchen shelves have been amazing, and I, could not love them more!

Why? I love it because everything I use on a daily basis is right there at my fingertips. And the other plus to the open shelves is that I HAVE to keep them organized! Yes, I think of it as a PLUS!

So a couple of weeks ago this crazy idea traveled through my mind…

What if I take off my pantry door (!!!) and I would have an OPEN PANTRY?

And what if I would add open chunky pantry shelves to match my open kitchen shelves to my pantry? Would it be possible to keep that space organized?

It sounded like a GREAT idea, and I kept coming back to that idea so I decided to give it a try!:-)

Because here is the SAD reality…

I was dealing with madness behind my pantry door….and I was eager to change that!


Embarrassing! Isn’t it? But as embarrassing as it is, I know I am not alone with the struggle, and I know this post will help some of you think outside of the box. I know this OPEN PANTRY idea is not for everyone but I think you can make it work.

Okay!! Sooo…

It was almost impossible to find ANYTHING in my pantry. And not to say, that I had at least 2-3 bags of everything because I could not see through the mess and I kept purchasing things! What a waste!

Oh and here is an article on how to organize your kitchen if you really want to get in the mood! Or go further and check out how to organize your refrigerator.

I made plans (in my head!), and my shopping list included a few key pieces for this easy makeover:

new wooden shelves ( which I DIYed!)

I used 2 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft. #2 and Better Kiln-Dried Heat Treated Spruce-Pine-Fir Lumber. It was $9 for a board and a 10 feet long board made 2 shelves.




-organizing bins

I took a trip to a nearby  Tuesday Morning, and you guys! I found everything I needed. I could not be happier as it was a one-stop shop for all my pantry organizing needs!

Did you know that Tuesday Morning products are all handpicked by their buyers, and they sell quality brand name products at incredible savings? You know I am all about incredible deals, right? My husband often jokes about me being such a bargain shopper, but Oh well…I can’t help it!:-)

My process:

  1. I took off the ugly wallpaper and added new shelves to the pantry.
  2. I used the chunky ( inexpensive) wood from a nearby store where they cut the wood to size
  3. Then I stained the shelves, and I replaced the old ones in the pantry ( the shelves cost me $18!)

What a difference already, right?

Then I purged so many things, and I organized everything to crates, canisters, baskets, and bins!

I found these awesome crates, and they are perfect for sorting things into them.

Open pantry shelves!

I also spotted this wooden shelving unit that was perfect to place under my shelves. My kids are super self-sufficient now, and they can make their breakfast without needing mommy, so I had to make sure that the cereals are within reach for them.

And look at those chic black and white canisters! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I store oatmeal, sugar, flour and such in them.

beautiful open shelves in pantry

I hung a few baskets on the side of the pantry to store potatoes, onions, chips, open bags and extra stuff that otherwise would be laying around the kitchen counter.

open pantry

And this dude…Oh man! He had to come home with me! Seriously! You know how much I  adore deer heads… this one was a unique one that fits into my aesthetic perfectly!

What can I say, friends?

Do I love my new OPEN PANTRY?

Oh yeah!!

What a great open pantry and shelving in pantry!

open pantry

I am so happy to see this forgotten space transformed! It very well blends in with the rest of my home decor, and I sure hope that I will keep it organized. It’s been a few weeks since the transformation, and I am staying on the top of being organized! Yippie!:-)Open pantry and open shelves in pantry

open pantry and chunky shelves in pantry


Find the nearby TUESDAY MORNING, HERE IS THE store locator, and shop away, friends!

I hope I inspired to get on your next project and you will transform a space today!



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    1. Hello Christine- Th wood I have used for the shelves were from The Home Depot and were $9 for a long piece that made 2 shelves. This is the name of it:: 2 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft. #2 and Better Kiln-Dried Heat Treated Spruce-Pine-Fir Lumber. I hope this helps!!:-)

  1. Hi! I’m looking to find the post on your wood ikea kitchen counter tops and what you coated them with. Help! Looking to do the same thing!

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