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Grab your free printable calendar for the Advent season. The anticipation of Christmas will be even more exciting for the kids with this.

printable calendar


Christmas countdown is one of the most exciting things that my kids are looking forward to each year. I only started this tradition couple of years ago, and we LOVE it. I like to come up with something unique each year, therefore I like to create my version of Advent Calendar.

Just last week, while I was laying in bed, this excellent idea was born in my head. If you have been following me for a while, you know how addicted I am to watercolor lately. I really encourage EVERYONE to try watercolor or any form of art, as creating art is relaxing and healing.

So the idea was born. After I had gotten home from work, I went up to my office, sat on the floor and started cutting my watercolor sheets into fours. I laid those small pieces of paper on the floor and created a Christmas tree form.

See the creation of a printable calendar for Advent!

printable calendar

Once the shape for made, I started painting this beautiful deer and Christmas tree branches around him. (My hand towel is from H&M, and I used it as an inspiration piece for my painting.)

I loved the way this painting turned out. It’s like a puzzle: you have to put each piece of paper in place to get the full picture. When it’s all assembled, each card would represent a day for our Christmas countdown.

printable calendar

Before placing them on the wall, on the back of each card, I wrote something such as “Sing a Christmas song”, “Do something nice for someone”, “Bake cookies” etc.

For mounting the cards, I used 3M command strips, which I cut those into small pieces.  Afterward, I glued one piece onto the paper, attached (with the velcro side) another piece on to that, and I stuck each card to the wall. This way we can remove the card, read the back of the card and put the card right back to its place. It’s not only a unique Advent printable calendar but an excellent piece of holiday decoration as well.

printable calendar

printable calendar

Isn’t is cool?

printable calendar


I am on vacation right now, and this guy was put on the wall right before I left my house. I did not have time to do any this time, but I really wanted to share this with you all this week, so you can snag a copy of it for yourself and enjoy your Christmas countdown with this lovely guy:-)

printable calendar


Now you can download your copy here. You can print each set on a white card stock paper.


set 1


set 2


set 3






set 6

How do you like this unique Advent Printable Calendar?

Do you do Christmas countdown?

Here are my other calendars from the last 2 years.


Advent Calendar -



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  2. I love this! You are such a wonderful artist and this is a great creative way to do the advent. I’ve been looking for awhile for something that would look good and was easy to make. Thank you for sharing!

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