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DIY flower planter { painted pot)

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springy flower pot

Spring is always about to work around the house, plant flowers, clean up, declutter….I am sure it’s the same at your house…spring  also means: COLORS -to me.

I picked BLUE, GREEN AND YELLOW for this spring and summer, as a color combination.

I found this old flower pot the other day in the shed and I thought I would make it more interesting and new looking by paint it’s original color over.

Here is a before and after picture below.

I really did not spend but $10, and maybe 30 minutes on this project AND wholala what a difference!!

…and here is my blue, green and yellow...
What I used to make this project:

3 different color spray paint
painters tape
old flower pot


 Colorful flower planters in front of my house!!YAY!!

Have a great day!

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