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I am sharing an easy fall wreath today.easy fall wreath

Fall decoration is going with full speed around here. We are in the second week of September, and it’s time to share a beautiful Fall Wreath with you all today. If I told you that this wreath was made from dollar store items would you believe it? It looks like a very expensive wreath, kind of like the ones you can purchase at Pier 1 or Pottery Barn, right? Well, dollar store rocks, guys! Seriously. I took a trip to dollar store over the weekend to pick up some items, and I spied these pretty faux maple leave bushes, berries, mulberry branches and they sure came home with me. It only took about 10 minutes to put together this beautiful, colorful wreath to decorate my front door.


  • 10″ grapevine wreath ( I already had that on hand)
  • dollar store faux maple bushes, berries, and branches
  • wire cutter tool
  • real magnolia leaves ( optional)
  • a piece of burlap to hang your wreath

easy fall wreath

easy fall wreath

As a first step, I separated my bushes, and I cut off each branch so I could nicely arrange them into my grapevine wreath later.

easy fall wreath

Then I started sticking each leaf and branch into the grapevine wreath. First I went around with the orange leaves and then I added all the other colorful pieces such as faux berries, pumpkins, and greeneries. My front porch gets a lot of sun during the day, so I have to avoid using hot glue to decorate my wreaths. But the good thing about this wreath is that sticking the pieces in between the vines is entirely perfect. No need to glue anything.:-)

easy fall wreath

I arranged all the pieces nicely for the perfect look. I added some real magnolia leaves to the mix as well to bring the colors together. I hung the wreath with a piece of burlap and that was it:-)

easy fall wreath

easy fall wreathWhat do you think?

I am in love with this beautiful fall wreath. Tomorrow I will show you how I decorated my front porch for fall, so be sure to check back!

easy fall wreath

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If you are into fall decorating grab this lovely FREE watercolor art to pretty up your home.


Fall Printable 5

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  1. Hello Aniko. I have all the materials on hand to create a Fall Wreath for my own front door..I like the added touch of the real Magnolia Leaves. The problem is that I can’t find any in any of my local Floral Shops or Nurseries here in Rockford IL. Where can I find them?

    Also, I noticed you are one of the very few Craft Designers who stated that you don’t use Hot Glue because of the Sun shining on your front door. Thank you for adding that very important note. I too have this ‘Front Door Sun’ problem, even in our cold Winter Seasons the bright Sun melts the Craft Projects I hang on my front door. Please inform your Crafty followers to NOT use Hot Glue even if they intend to safely store their Craft Items in plastic tubs etc during the off Seasons, because the Hot Glue will also melt even when it is in storage in a warm Garage or Attic..Sun or No Sun. Perhaps it would help if more Crafters would note these facts more often when they are giving instructions for their ideas just as you have. It’s rare to see that when they are stating to use Hot Glue on a project. Suggesting in appropriate alternative Glue to Hot Glue would also help a great deal. All my Hot Glue items turned into a melted mess even though I neatly stored them away in my shed. It doesn’t take much for Hot Glue to melt over and over again. I made your beautiful Fall Wreath for my Front Door, but still need the real Magnolia Leaves. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I just bought some of the same things from the dollar store yesterday, and I have a grapevine wreath I’m going to use, so I was happy to see your pictures! I’m not too crafty, so I wasn’t sure I could make a wreath like I wanted, but I think I can now. Thanks for showing me how you did it.

  3. What a beautiful wreath! I will make one of those as well, I find grape vines in the neighborhood, soak them til pliable, then bend them into the circular shapes”.
    .”you should paint your wreath hanger in the same color as your front door, that way all of the attention will be on your masterpiece!

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