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This post is brought to you by: Royal Design Studio. All opinions are 100% on my own.

Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils

Are you ready to something BRIGHT, BOLD and FUN  today?

I am so excited to share my latest project with you all! When I started blogging, I wondered if there is enough content for me to share…Phew…it looks like the ideas and projects here are endless, and there is always something to share. Few months ago we decided to move my boys together in the same room. They are three yrs and five yrs old and best brothers, forevah.;-) Of course they fight and all that, but they are excellent playmates as well. Lately, my little one started falling asleep in his big brother’s bed, and I thought it would be fun to have them share a room.

My older son’s room has not been changed since he was born. It was a cute nursery, but it was time for the change.

Six yrs ago, being eight months pregnant, I painted this lovely wall for my first baby…Oh…Can’t believe how fast time flies.

Accent wall with Royal stencils- Place Of My Taste -0372

My boys are so super fun and cool, and I wanted to create a room for them that fits their personality. I wanted to go bold with colors and was planning to add an accent wall with patterns. I was excited to find a variety of styles of stencils at Royal Design Studio to choose from for my project. I picked out the

  All The Angles Stencil for the boys room. I pictured this stencil in my head with COLORS. Funky and cool colors.

Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils (15)

Originally I wanted to do a combination of green, yellow and blue until I scored this mid-century modern footstool at Goodwill, that totally inspired me to go with orange.

foot stool

 We needed to cover that cute elephant and chalkboard on the wall with two coats of paint.

Then I started stenciling.

Have you ever stenciled anything?

Let me just tell you that stencils are great, and they make life so much easier. Royal Design Studio provided me with excellent instructions on how to use this fun stencil.


I used a small roll, and I was very careful not to use too much paint and not to push the roll too hard on the stencil.

Few glasses of wine and couple of hours later my super fun stenciled wall was done.

Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils (19)

I LOVE how it turned out! I think the colors I picked are great together.





Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils (26)

Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils (22)

It was very easy to align the patterns with the dashed line registration provided on the stencil.

Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils (23)

Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils (31)

Stenciled accent wall with Royal Design Stencils (13)

Did you get inspired to stencil a room in your home?

Royal Design Studio offered a great

GIVEAWAY to my readers! YAY!


Make sure to visit their site, ROYAL DESIGN STUDIO, to browse hundreds of fabulous stencil designs and then come back and enter for your chance to WIN!!

Just a few of my favorite STENCILS:


*This GIVEAWAY is for US residents only.The lucky winner will receive a stencil from Royal Design Studio, for up to $50.*

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I will be sharing some other fun boys room projects next week,  so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow! You did an awesome job with your stencil! I would use one in my bathroom. I’ve been thinking about adding the color lavender to the walls but wasn’t sure what exactly to do. Thank-you for the chance & the inspiration!

  2. I’d love to stencil a border on my front hallway – it doesn’t get a lot of light, so I am unsure of what color would look best with the light to medium blue walls – I am afraid white won’t show up well, but I hesitate to use a darker color, that portion of the house doesn’t need any help to look darker than it is.

  3. I think any stencil I bought would probably be for a wall. I have lots of walls that still need painting in this house!

  4. Hi Aniko, well since I’ve already stenciled a wall, fabric and furniture (LOL), I’m not sure what’s left (the floor??) Actually, I LOVE what you did with your stenciled wall and I think I’d like to try another, bolder wall treatment. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    1. Hi Kristin! It was so good to meet you at Haven! Thanks for your visit today, I am glad you like this project, I really LOVE it too;-) Have a wonderful week!Xo

  5. I’m redoing some furniture and found this gorgeous french provincial dresser that I’m turning into a TV console and I have stenciled for the very first time. I can tell you I can’t wait to do my next piece (a french provincial China Cabinet) I will be putting some stencil on the back. I’m a stencil addict now LOL

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