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***This is a sponsored post by IKEA. All opinions are 100% on my own.***

I love nothing more than relaxing in a cozy living room during the holiday season. How about you?

Isn’t it the most beautiful time of the year?

You can give your home a cozy, comfy makeover for Christmas with just a few upgrades, and quick fixes.

But before all that, let’s not to forget the importance and meaning of this season. We celebrate family, giving, kindness and most of all we celebrate LOVE, and HOPE.  No matter how much you decorate or don’t decorate, what matters is how much LOVE you pour into this magical season.

This special season of the year is all about family time.

Family time has always been important to us. We take spontaneous trips; we go to movies, we bake, we spend time together. It’s critical, and it shapes our family and makes us bond and helps to have very close relationships with the kiddos. When the cold months arrive and we are limited with activities, we do things inside the house.

  • we do karaoke parties
  • we host dance competitions
  • we plan movie nights
  • and we just love the time being spent together.


If you’ve been following here for a while, you know that I am all about cozy and family-friendly spaces. I shared my Christmas home tour yesterday, and I promised I would show you a few upgrades I’ve added to our family room this season. I am intentional with my home decor, and my main goal is to create a COZY and INVITING space.

I decided to move my leather couch out from this room over to my living room, and I pulled the other sofa I have had for many years into this room. It’s an IKEA STOCKSUND sofa, and we are absolutely loving it. It’s comfortable, and it’s been serving us well! The minute I pulled this sofa into this room, I was in love. It’s just perfect here.

I added the JUNHILD pillowcases and a new KÖPENHAMN rug that was LOVE at first sight. The blue hue is totally my game.

I also grabbed that cozy EMMAFRIDA throw and CUSHION to cozy up my couch a bit.

Every year we decorate a real Christmas tree. Last year we started having two trees (or tree). It’s fun. That way I can decorate my own (fancy) tree, and we can have one for the kiddos.


One of the sweetest traditions I remember from my childhood is decorating the tree with gingerbread cookies. It’s the best. Not only because the tree and the entire room smells AH-mazing, but you can actually eat all the cookies off of your tree. Yup! We do make our gingerbread cookies every holiday season, but I could not resist to pick up a few boxes of VINTERSAGA gingerbread cookies from IKEA. We decorated the cookies with icing and hung them on our pretty tree.

I wrapped the Christmas tree stand with a COWHIDE RUG🙂 Love that it matches the color of the cookies.:-))


And lastly, I added a few candles and I wrapped a simple eucalyptus garland around them as a centerpiece.

TADA! Hello Cozy room!:0)

I am ready to hop onto that couch to curl up with my babes to watch endless Christmas movies while enjoying the fabulous cookie scent and watching the lights twinkle on that magical tree!


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? I want to hear all about them! Drop a comment on this post and share. 🙂


Thanks for visiting today and be sure to visit your local IKEA to grab a few things to make your home inviting for the holidays!

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