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Perfect gift for teachers, friends and co-workers. DIY bag for Valentine’s Day to put your treats into them, made with love!


I really got into the mood of making heart shaped things around here. Love is in the air… ha…

Last month, around Christmas – I wrote a few posts, where I used the NOW very popular DROP CLOTH for my projects.
Drop cloth is so inexpensive {you can get a huge chunk at Home Depot for $10} and creativity is endless with it.
I made my Christmas Wreath and my Holiday Pillow Coversand just recently my Rosette Valentine Wreath out of drop cloth,
and I think they all turned out excellent and very decorative.

I was thinking about what to make for my kids’ friends and teachers for Valentin’s day and I had and idea:

DIY bag for the treats!

I think they would make adorable homemade gifts.

Things you will need to make these darling bags:

– drop cloth

– embroidery floss, twine, thread  whatever you have at home}


– heart shape {cut out of pape }


– scissor

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (14)

Okay.. I cut out about 3-4″ wide, long strips of the drop cloth and I cut my long strips in 3-4 pieces.

Then I folded one layer over the other, so the bottom of the bags would not have to be stitched.

I cut a heart shape out of paper and laid it on the drop cloth piece, then I painted the heart shape with my RED sharpie.

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (15)

I repeated this step with each piece of drop cloth.

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (17)

{You get a better picture here of what I meant by folding one piece over the other to save stitching on the bottom of the bags.}

So far it’s super easy, right?

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (10)

Now on to the stitching part.

I have to tell you – this part took the most time of this project. But no worries, not too bad.

I stitched away while I was sipping on a cup of coffee during nap time on a cold Saturday afternoon – it was a piece of cake and I actually enjoyed it.

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (19) DIY bag

Started stitching from the bottom of the DIY bag and went little over half way with the stitches. I did the same thing on both sides.
Then I stitched horizontally, across the bag, leaving some thread on booth sides to have enough to tie the bag once it’s filled with the treats.

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (13) DIY bag

Sweet looking little treat bag, isn’t it?

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (30) DIY bag

I filled these little bags with Hersey kisses for the teachers and with tattoos and craft items for the kids.

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (23) DIY bag

I always think of something homemade when it comes to giving. Something that was made with love is worth more than anything. Like a DIY bag! 😉

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (27) DIY bag

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (34) DIY bag

Are you inspired?

I think they would make perfect little gift bags for school friends, teachers, even coworkers!

You still have a few weeks left until Valentine’s Day, so get on the project and make something with love for those you love.

Stitched Valentine's Treat Bags (37) DIY bag

stitched valentines treat bags- Placeofmytaste.com DIY bag

How about something homemade in 10 minutes?Sounds good? Check out this darling

red velvet pot

5 minutes dessert@placeofmytaste.com-19

Thanks for visiting and have a fantastic day!

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  1. Aniko-
    What a cute little idea –
    I love it. So easy as well..
    I love seeing all your crafts. Gives me so many ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

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