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Whooo loves books valentine gift

Valentine’s day is upon us. It is just a few weeks away and it is about time to start thinking what to send to my son’s peers to Kindergarten. Kindergarten is really awesome and my son absolutely loves it. He made lots of new friends and he is excited to go every day. Yeah, I know…he may change his mind on loving going to school later-LOL

He just started  getting the feel of how to  read and he is so happy when he reads a whole sentence. We read every day, every night and I could not think of a better Valentine’s day gift for his little friends, than books.

At this age we are to encourage them to read as much as possible, right?

Why not give a nice soft cover $1 picture book? I also like to order books from Scholastic reading club and there are great books for kindergartners for a buck each, like sight words and such. I, however found these $1, first reader’s books at Dollar Tree and I made up a cute little printable that would help to make a little package for my son’s valentines.

All you need is: 

$1 soft cover picture books

toilette paper rolls

school glue


Whooo loves books valentine gift-1

Whooo loves books valentine gift-2

First, my son signed all these little printables that will go on the toilette paper roll.

Whooo loves books valentine gift-5

Once he signed them, I glued the printables on the toilette paper rolls.

Whooo loves books valentine gift-7

Some rolls were smaller than  others so I had to cut a little bit off the edges for some.

Whooo loves books valentine gift-8

Then I rolled up the book ( can not be hard cover of course) and pushed it in to the toilette paper roll to keep it rolled up.

Whooo loves books valentine gift-9

How easy and how cute!

Whooo loves books valentine gift-12

I embellished the package with twine.

Whooo loves books valentine gift-10

Whooo loves books valentine gift-15

Now here ya go, click on the image below to download your printable

(Note: My printer was out of ink–ekkk- you may notice that my printable had lighter shade of color)



Did you like this cute craft for Valentine’s day?

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Whooo loves books printable

Hope you got some inspiration to create this cute little package to send off to your kids’ friend! I would love for you to check out my Valentine’s Gallery to get even more inspired!

Glad you stopped by today!

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