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Watercolor Peony – May Screensaver


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It’s May and it’s time for a freebie. This month I am sharing a pretty Watercolor Peony and you can download this pretty painting to enjoy it throughout the month of May.:-)

Watercolor peony

The peony is perfect for you if you’re looking for a beautiful and delicate floral design. This flower has been used in art and decoration for centuries and remains a popular choice today.

Peony in fact is one of my favorite flowers. My grandma always had it in her garden and I loved the scent and looks of this gorgeous flower.

One of the best things about painting peonies is that they’re in bloom for a short time in the spring. This means that you can go out into your garden and collect reference material for your painting. Exactly what I did.

I don’t have my own garden currently (except my TravelingTower Garden) but my sweet friend gifted me a few stems of peonies this past weekend and I couldn’t resist using them as my inspiration for this month’s freebie.

Pretty watercolor peony

Watercolor peony

There are a few things to keep in mind when painting peonies in watercolor. First, these flowers have a lot of petals, so you’ll want to use a light touch when applying paint. Second, the colors of peonies can range from pale pink to rich red, so choose your palette accordingly. It is also important to always leave a negative space when painting peony petals. Even if you are painting a loose peony leaving a negative space will make the floral look more realistic.

This short video below is a quick demonstration for you of how I painted this watercolor peony.

And if you adore this watercolor peony you can DOWNLOAD the screensaver HERE.

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