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I missed sharing my usual freebie at the beginning of this month, so I am giving you guys this pretty FREE Fall Printable instead of the monthly screensaver freebie.

Fall watercolor printable

This month went by way too fast! We started remodeling our second camper, and you know how that goes.:-) I found myself digging deep into projects after projects. I can’t wait to share all the changes we made in the camper with you here on the blog. I share daily updates on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there if you haven’t already.

I love FALL.

Today was the first real fall weather here in Virginia, and I am absolutely loving it. The fresh, crisp air in the morning was amazing. So looking forward to bonfires each night from now on.:-)

free fall watercolor printable

This pretty free fall printable started out as a quick floral watercolor painting was inspired by my favorite color: RUST. I am in love with the sage/rust combo these days. Our entire camper has touches of these two colors. It creates a warm, cozy, and homey feel to our home on wheels. Here is a sneak peek below of our current views in the camper.

Cozy camper living room

It totally does not look like a camper, does it? 🙂

Download your copy of the Free Fall Printable

Anyways. Will be sharing those details soon, so stay tuned! If you are here for the free fall printable, be sure to click the link below to download your copy. There are other fall printables on the blog as well that you can also check out.

Use it to decorate in your home, print it to give as a card, or just use it as a screensaver.


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  1. This is not meant to sound like a goofy question but is there an easier way to water the tree when it is in a basket? It seems really hard to get the water into the container without spilling water all over the place.

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