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Watercolor sunflower


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It is summertime, and it’s hot and humid here in Virginia. This month I am sharing a simple, loose watercolor sunflower art for the monthly screensaver project.

Watercolor sunflower

Loose watercolor is a simple yet beautiful way to practice. The details are not as important as the look of the overall art piece. I enjoy loose paintings as they can be pretty satisfying. I have shared a sunflower art on the blog before, but I also wanted to give you a free sunflower screensaver.

Follow the LINK below to download your freebie for July. I added two versions of both screensavers.

Watercolor Sunflower screensaver download

I have some of my favorite watercolor materials listed in my storefront. If you are getting ready to dive into watercolor – which I highly recommend- be sure to check out my choices for this beautiful medium.

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