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It’s still doesn’t feel like spring here but we officially call it SPRING today. One of my favorite season.

I love everything about it…

…especially the colors,

beautiful flowers

the mornings, when I can enjoy my grande coffee outside while listening  to the birds that sing with my cardigan on. Ohhh..Joy!

Today, I am sharing my spring wreath tutorial.

I imagined something colorful and cheery for the front door and I think  I was able to manage it on the budget. My main inspiration was this blue-white checkered fabric that I dig out at IKEA as-is section for a few bucks. Then I visited dollar store  and bought a small, cute, bright yellow watering can and fake flowers to decorate.


– pool noodle { see how I used it with my Christmas Wreath } or round wreath base

– fabric

-watering can

-fake or real flowers

-ribbon to embellish

– hot glue gun

Spring Wreath - Place Of My Taste-12

These flowers actually look so real. Beautiful. And the small watering can is just adorable. They had several colors, blue, green, red…oh my cuteness..I chose yellow to go with my fabric.

Spring Wreath - Place Of My Taste-11

I wrapped my fabric around the pool noodle and glued the fabric on to the noodle to stay on.

Spring Wreath - Place Of My Taste-14

I picked this cute yellow dotted ribbon to tie the watering can to the pool noodle.

Spring Wreath - Place Of My Taste

I arranged my flowers into the watering can and my pretty colorful springy wreath came to life. I am pretty sure that I will have not one but probably a few more spring wreaths coming up soon. I just cannot have enough of these bright colors and flowers.

Spring Wreath - Place Of My Taste

Spring Wreath - Place Of My Taste

My new wreath looks wonderful with my grass cloth green front door. We had  a little issue with our association in the neighborhood by accepting this color on my door but finally it was approved….and I am so happy:-)

Spring Wreath - Place Of My Taste

Spring Wreath - Place Of My Taste-

What is your favorite springy color?

Have you create your spring wreath yet? If not, check back here next week, I will have a wonderful round up with the best spring wreaths from blogland.

If you love fresh flowers, decorate your table with them , click below to see how


Oh and before you leave, check out my  cute and springy recipe over at The 36th Avenue today…

Have a wonderful Spring you all!


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    • Aniko says

      Amy, it is indeed very cheery. I love to drive up to my driveway and seeing this colorful wreath! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!Hugs!

    • Aniko says

      I am glad you like it, Angela!Yep, it’s not a very usual pastel wreath for sure. Hope you are having a great weekend!Xo~

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