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I am a Brand Ambassadör for IKEA U.S. This is a sponsored post.

This post is sponsored by IKEA. All opinions are 100% on my own.

It’s finally time to share B’s IKEA big boy room reveal. I am stoked to share this fantastic project with you guys!:-) This room has been in the making for a few weeks now, and I truly enjoyed putting the finishing touches on it in the last couple of days. I haven’t shared much of my boy’s room on the blog, maybe only in a few instances. A few years ago when I stenciled my son’s room, and last year when I built a giant pegboard wall. My boys shared a room for a while but now that they are getting older and their personalities are changing as they become more independent. I know they will always be close but I think they will enjoy their own individual spaces- and oh my! THIS new space has ME wanting to hang out and chill in it. It’s just soooo cool!

My oldest son turned nine this summer…(Ghaw – I can’t even believe I am saying that) and I thought a nice BIG BOY ROOM would be a perfect gift for him.:-)

So let me fill you in on this BIG BOY ROOM story….

When we did our new laminate floors a few months back, we had to move everything. And I mean everything, from EVERY SINGLE ROOM. We moved all the toys, stuffed animals, and legos up to the attic while we were working on the floors in the house. That was about 2.5 months ago. Here is the real shocker…. ready for this?! The toys are still up in the attic!!! Believe it or not- they really haven’t missed them, and that made me realize that my kids are probably just fine without a lot of their toys. I know, it’s crazy! I think it actually makes my boys that much more eager to get outside and play sports and games with friends. And I wouldn’t change that for anything!

Knowing that school is almost here, and my son will be in fourth grade, I thought it would be a cool birthday present to create a fun room for him that he can enjoy for many years ahead.

!!! **Spoiler ALERT** Before I start with the details of this Ikea Big Boy Room, I wanna point out this fantastic faux brick wall that we created. I am working on a tutorial on how to create the look of this wall and will be sharing it on the blog soon!!!

For this bedroom makeover, I got several amazing pieces from IKEA and today I’ll share these fun finds with you guys!


This is the coolest IKEA loft bed, you guys! I love it for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s affordable.
  2. It has modern lines that are hip and clean.
  3. It’s very functional in any size space.

We’ve never had bunk beds as I always thought my children were too small for it yet. But now that my son is getting older, I think it’s a wonderful space saving option for a room. It was super easy to put together, and it blends into my urban, industrial vibe that I imagined for his room perfectly.

We added the SVÄRTA desk top which creates the ideal cozy focus space for my son to do his homework when you fit it under the SVARTA loft bed.


My son wanted to have a little corner where he could hang while he is reading and where he can play his games. He asked for a small screen TV in that corner, but my husband and I are pretty firmly against the idea of a TV in children’s room, so we are holding off with that. The lounge chair is super comfortable, and I know he will enjoy reading his books in that little nook by the window.


The black and white striped rug just had to come home with me. I have been eyeing it for the longest time, and I think it’s the perfect addition to my son’s room. It’s made out of 100% new wool. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Now, let’s talk about this awesome Multi Panel Custom Print wall that I created for him. My son is into EVERY. SINGLE sport there is. And I love that. So, I wanted to capture a part of that and have it reflected back into his room to recognize that.

I envisioned this huge black and white modern print in his room, and I came up with a tutorial which has not hit the blog yet but will be up soon. If I just had 48 hours in each day- haha.

Underneath the big print, I added some storage for his toys and legos (some of which we finally retrieved from the attic- and some of which we passed on to good will- I love a good PURGE!).

I used the KALLAX shelving unit across the wall, and I added some colored shelves from the EKET series.

We’ve always had issues organizing his toys and these shelving units make it easy to have the legos separated, and his books displayed while keeping everything tidy.

This next corner is small but functional. Have I mentioned he loves ALL kinds of sports? Yeah, he truly does, and he loves to display his things.


Try this as a great solution to display small items and get things organized.

Well, that’s it my friends! I just love how everything turned out, and he could not be happier! Win-win! I truly enjoy and appreciate your comments- so let me know what you think about this NEW Ikea Big Boy Room.

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  1. I love what you did with this room and am looking to do a large print in black and white. Is yours canvas or metal question also is it a photo split? I’m having trouble finding anything similar.

  2. The faux brick wall looks amazing. Do you have a post explaining how you did it? I would really like to give it a try.

    Thank you
    Kim Brown

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