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Upholstered Patio Furniture

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Summer is here finally and there are lots of great summer nights to look forward to.
We love spending time on our patio:
-spend beautiful mornings with a refreshing coffee or  just spend a breeze night with grilled goodies on the table.
Our current patio furniture is 5 years old…
Aha- you got this, right?

It’s faded, used, and not really my color style anymore, especially the colors.

 Because we love the shape of our furniture set and beacuse they are so comfortable- I looked at places to replace the cushions only.
We really did not want to get rid of the whole set  completely.

 Since I couldn’t find the same shape cushions, I decided to upholster the ones we already have.
Let me tell ya, I saved a couple of hundreds right on spot!! Cushions are so expensive….and talk about getting a new patio set…Thanks, but NO thanks:-)
Below is a before picture:
 As you can see the cushions were faded and very much used.
This year I am crazy about BLUE-GREEN-YELLOW colors…Love it! Couple posts before I talked about my painted FLOWER POT where I used the same color combination.
I ordered  6 yards of fabric from Fabric.com. I paid 8.98/yard of this pretty outdoor fabric.

                                                 Maco Indoor/Outdoor Halina Wasabi


– old cushions
– new outdoor fabric
– staples gun
– wood panels that were cut to the cushion size ( at home depot)

1.I had someone at Home Depot to cut the wood panels for me
2. Then I measured and cut the fabric to cover the wood panels.
3.Used staples gun to cover the wood panels with my new fabric.
Measured cushions and cut fabric to cover cushions. Laid the already covered wood on the top of a cushion and used staples gun to attach fabric.
The back of the cushion is not SO pretty, but its absolutely not visible either.
I found this great big umbrella at IKEA for only $25. Wow…I love that price! And its absolutely durable and good quality.
 This umbrella was just  perfect match for my green-blue and yellow combination.
 Total cost for this project:
TOTAL: $92

What do you think of our new upholstered Patio set? Have you upholstered any furniture yet?

Thank You for visiting!

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    1. Hey Crystal! Gosh….let me think…I think I ordered about 5 yards for the 4 chairs. But I was on the edge…so I would order 6 yards to be on the safe side. Send me a pic if you will be done:-)Have a great week!

  1. i love the color of the chairs..i am looking for some helpful tips and i have gained some great ideas..i am glad that i have found your blog, i find it very interesting..

  2. these looks great and the ideas are pretty awesome..i am looking for some helpful ideas for i'll be transferring for my new house..

  3. GREAY idea!!! I have been trying to figure out a way to salvage our outdoor set and just couldn't take the plunge on new cushions. They are so expensive. I also didn't want the headache of sewing covers. I am pinning now as well!

  4. I love blue and green! Thanks so much for the tip about that piece of wood/composite on the bottom. I some great resin/wicker-looking furniture that I got for $300 (and it was 1/2 off then) about 8 years ago. We have taken very good care of it and replaced the cushions once, but they need it again and the cost is just too much. I'm going to use your tutorial to recover mine. I have some

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