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Coffee Yogurt Parfait

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Hey, Place of my Taste readers!  It’s Katie from The Casual Craftlete.  Today I am sharing a super simple Coffee Yogurt Parfait that will give you a quick pick me up in the mornings for breakfast.

Coffee Yogurt ParfaitOf the top 3 things to know about me, one of them is that I’m a coffee fanatic.  I’m not a snob because I am not picky about my coffee.  I drink it ALL the time.  I actually need an IV drip of the black liquid into my veins.  I love the stuff.  So, this parfait is so totally perfect for coffee lovers like myself.

Coffee ParfaitOver Christmas my family and I went to visit my husband’s side in Chicago.  We went into the city one day and got to see the most amazing Italian market ever.  It’s called Eataly.  Look it up!  Anyway, they had dark chocolate covered espresso beans and I just had to buy them and use them in a recipe.  Thus, the coffee yogurt parfait was born.

There are only 3 ingredients in this recipe.  Granola, coffee flavored greek yogurt and those espresso beans.

Coffee Yogurt Granola Parfait

Coffee Yogurt Parfait
Recipe Type: Breakfast
Author: Katie @ The Casual Craftlete
A quick and delicious breakfast that will give you a jolt to start your day
  • 1/2 cup plain granola cereal
  • 5 oz container of Oikos Cafe Latte Greek Yogurt
  • Dark chocolate espresso beans
  1. Place the granola into the bottom of a glass or bowl
  2. Add the yogurt on top of the granola
  3. Garnish with chocolate espresso beans for an added kick

Coffee Yogurt Parfait by The Casual Craftlete


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