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This post is part of that long list of posts that I promised for you guys. Today I am sharing how easy it was to make our DIY DINING TABLE for a camper. And YES, slowly, but I am completing these posts hoping that they will inspire you and help you makeover your camper or RV. If you are new around here, check out the full BEFORE and AFTER POST on our DIY CAMPER RENOVATION. Or this short tutorial on how I made those Bamboo shades.

Camper dining room

Since October, we have been on the road FULL TIME and truly enjoying every minute of our adventurous life.

Stylish corner of a camper.

Before we get into the project, let me take you back to this corner’s BEFORE look. Just like every camper, our Forest River Vibe (2017) had a large, bulky round dining area. See the pic below.

Bulky camper dining area


Knowing that we don’t need a huge dining area like this for our travels, we decided to take the whole corner out and replace it with something that was more suitable for our needs.(and more stylish as well!!:-))

List of things you will need:

Pine Boards for tabletop

The Home Depot had a few different sizes of this glued pine board. The one I picked was exactly the size we needed for our space. No needed to cut anything off of the board.

Initially, I wanted to glue together pine boards to make up a tabletop, but I discovered this piece of wood that was pretty much what I was going to do anyways:-) So bingo!


We started sanding the entire board on both sides.

Then we made all four corners round. With a simple technique, we marked all four corners, and using a jigsaw; we cut off the corners.

After cutting the corners off we sanded all sides to have a nice, round edges.

When we removed the old built-in table, we kept the RV dining table legs for our custom tabletop. After the stain dried completely, we installed the RV dinette stands we saved. Could you buy these legs? Yes, you can, HERE for only $27. But if you are demoing a camper or RV, I recommend holding onto these stands as they can be reused for your new design.

DIY Dining Table for a camper
Stylish camper

It was a super easy DIY project and we are loving our simple and stylish dining corner.

*** After 4 months you can see that the tabletop is slightly warped. I am thinking the wood has deformed due to humidity or heat.

Still a functional and great table though.:-)

I used my chairs from our old home to go with it.

Thanks for visiting today, friends!

I keep the posts coming!:-)



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  1. Just curious to know how you anchored your sofa in your camper. I would like to replace the divan in our with a house sofa, but hubby says he won’t be able to anchor it in our motorhome.

  2. Hello, I have a question. I love the way your table set up came out, but I’m curious about the chairs because they sit on the raised lip of the slide. When you pull the chairs back to sit in them, you would be on uneven ground it seems. How does this work out???

  3. I was wondering what you used for trim around the pop out and across the top of the ceiling and in the corners? Did it affect the weight of the camper dramatically? And where did you get your couch? I’m obsessed with your style! Great job, I totally love it.

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