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Sitting and storage bench { IKEA storage shelf unit }

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Ikea Sitting Bench @placeofmytaste.com

 Finally I am back to blogging…I was overwhelmed with our business since our peak season has started.

I posted an entryway  inspiration here on my blog few months ago. I was so exited to start searching and start working on the entryway project.
One part of the entryway was finished with big THICK STRIPES painted on the wall.
We have a small entry way with little storage space, so I really needed to create storage  and I also wanted to have a sitting bench for the kids to be able to sit down to tie their shoes before we get out of the house in the morning.
…i think i found a great solution for my sitting bench project and I did not have to spend a fortune….and If I ever (just because I know myself enough–I am already thinking about the next design:-)) want to re purpose this shelf unit I CAN for sure!

I found this EXPEDIT shelf unit in Ikea…after really looking around I found the same brand (Expedit) but with two openings. { for some reason, the two opening unit does not show on the IKEA website, but you can buy them in store }

I though it would be perfect for my little space.I also found this white storage box at IKEA and I got 2 of them right away.expedit-shelving-unit__0156456_PE315500_S4

branas-basket__0120652_PE277448_S4I discovered  a yellow-grey-(one of my fav. color combination these days) chevron pattern fabric at a local fabric store. I was lucky to buy the fabric with a 50 % off discount, so it did not cost more than $10. I have a sewing machine at home (I really only use it once in a while…) and I used it to make the cushion for the bench.

I used Velcro to secure the cushion onto the bench.
Love our new sitting bench!!!
 …kids scarfs, hats and mittens are hidden in these white storage boxes…
Okay…Since I discovered a pretty inexpensive fabric at Ikea I made another cushion for our sitting bench.
I used this fabric as a focal point in my entire


I love the colors and the patterns of fabric. So cute!
 This time I did not use my sewing machine though, I upholstered the cushion.
I love both finish!
I hope I inspired you to make yours today!
Thanks for stopping by!
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    1. It’s not on their website but they sell it in a store. Give your local Ikea a call to check if they have it on stock..{ they have black brown and white }

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