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This is a sponsored post by Samsung.

For the longest time, I was in among those who indeed opposed a TV in a bedroom. I just didn’t want a black hole in the middle of my giant empty wall. So just last year I caved, and we installed a TV in our bedroom. I am not gonna lie, adding a TV was a great move, but I wasn’t thrilled with the visual look of the big black TV on the wall. When Samsung came out with the new The Frame TV, I knew it was made for me; for people who don’t like the look of the big black hole on the wall. I prettied up my gallery wall around the TV, and now it’s hard to tell which art piece is the actual TV. All I can say is that I love it!

Designed in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar, Samsung’s The Frame is the most beautiful TV you’ve never seen. The Frame challenges the traditional black box TV, by integrating a beautiful design with high-quality display technology, while complementing any living space and style. The Frame transforms into a wonderful work of art when you’re not watching TV, by displaying a gallery of 100 professionally curated pieces of art from different genres. You have the option to display your art in different modes. My favorite mode is the Mat mode.

You can also upload and display your photographs of family, friends, and experiences. How cool is that? All you need to do is to download the Samsung Apps to your phone, and you can control  The Frame with your phone. You have the opportunity to set favorite family pictures to display on  The Frame screen as well. I am a photographer and I love to take pics of my kiddos and my family, and in this very special season of the year, I like to display holiday pictures in different spots in the house. The Frame will allow me to upload my favorite photos of our Holiday photo sessions. Yay! Do you like to display your holiday pictures?



Another great feature of The Frame is that it allows you to enjoy your art in any lighting with its Brightness Sensor, which automatically adjusts the color and brightness to the ambient light in the room. Your art always looks natural regardless of where it is or what the time of day. The Frame is also not just a good-looking TV.  It’s 4K HDR pro with lifelike, crisp and beautiful picture quality. Can’t wait to watch my favorite shows!

I could not ask for a better upgrade, guys! I am displaying the 43″ version, and it fits perfectly into my colorful gallery wall. I am absolutely in love with every bit of this fantastic TV and art piece.

What is your favorite feature of The Frame?

Check out the other size options, and you still have time to add this great TV to Santa’s list. 🙂 The 55” and 65” sizes are currently $200 off in stores and online from now until 12/30, so why wait?



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  1. I love this gallery wall! I’m using it as the inspiration for my own gallery wall that will surround my TV. What paint color did you use for the walls?

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