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Garage Storage Wall

I can not believe that finally I am posting about our garage organization project. I have to admit that I am not very good at organizing things. We have WAY TO MUCH crap and it’s pretty hard to organize all that. I think all of us have a dream garage pictured in mind. Am I right?

Well, my dream garage formed in my mind last summer when I posted about my GARAGE ORGANIZING IDEASThe mess we had in the garage was unbelievable. Every time I entered the garage I got so pissed off as I could not find anything in the mess. I am a keeper and I can not throw things away. I actually got a little better about it lately and I took a few packed bags to Goodwill.

Are you ready to see what we had in the garage? Yeah, I am not so proud of it, but I wanted you to see!

I wanted you to see, just because you have to believe that everything is possible! It’s possible to get a space like we had, organized!

Garae Organizing by Place Of My Taste (1 of 58)

Eeeek… It still hurts to look at it!

I spied an IKEA rack that I really loved but it was  a little bit on the pricey side. Then I found a great tutorial of how to build a garage storage wall  from The Family Handyman. I knew that it will take some times but I really loved the idea of how he put this rack together. I am not going to get into details of how to make it as he has a wonderful tutorial on his site and if you will follow his instructions you will  be able to build this amazing garage storage wall.

Garage Storage Wall,

All you need is  some handy tools , 2 x 4 – s , 2 x 2 -s, some colorful paint ( I loved this green that I chose) and storage bins to make this incredible transformation and create a fantastic  and organized space.

Garae Organizing by Place Of My Taste (42 of 58)

We have lots of little motorcycles and bikes that are now parked under this huge storage wall.

Garae Organizing by Place Of My Taste (56 of 58)

I bought these bins at Walmart to organize everything that we had laying around. It holds all sort of stuffs…shopping bags, leftover fabric pieces, seasonal decorations etc.

Garae Organizing by Place Of My Taste (35 of 58)

Build it yourself

What do you think?

Did I get you inspired to build yours?

We started  the garage organizing project last summer and of course we could not finish it due to lack of time. Sometimes it’s hard to get things done with the boys running around:-)

Then the winter months came and we left the whole organizing project on the side. Now, that the weather is nice again it was just time to get our hands on the garage again and finish it up!

Make sure you come back tomorrow, there will be another great garage organizing post coming up!

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day!


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  1. Where do I get the supplies and measurements for these shelves?

    I would love this for my garage.

  2. It looks fantastic! I really need to get one like this for our garage! There are so many thing =s and absolutely no order! There is barely any place for the car! I think that my husband would like to make one !Thanks for the post! Greets, Storage Maze Hill Ltd.

  3. This is awesome! Our garage could use some more organizing. Whenever I work in there it gets crazy messy fast, and then Eric comes in and cleans up after me so he can have a clean workspace, haha. We definitely need to create some more storage to help keep us organized. Pinned!

    1. Thanks Katie! Gosh, we struggled with our mess for the longest time. It’s a true reveal:-) Hope you are having a great week!Xo

  4. Now that is an organized space! You have shared some great ideas here-thank you!

    I would be thrilled if you could share this post at my weekly Say G’day Saturday linky party. It has just started and this would be a brilliant addition.

    Best wishes for a great weekend,
    Natasha in Oz

  5. Wow! That is gorgeous!! I absolutely love the green and navy together. So nice to see a garage with a shot of colour! And the little bike nook underneath is so cute. 🙂 I’m totally relating to the difficulty of completing projects with boys running around. 😉 But you got it done – and what a great job! I’m very impressed!

    1. Thank You for stopping by, Karen! I am very much satisfied with the look of our garage right now. Now I am just hoping to keep it organized:-) Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Krista, I feel like visiting my garage in every 5 minutes now…that’s how much I love it-LOL. Thanks for stopping by sweet Friend!

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