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HOW TO CLEAN FLOORS |Swiffer® WetJet™ Mop Wood Floor Starter Kit

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And just like that! Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit saved me, you guys!

Who’s got time to clean? Well, not me my friends! Busy, busy over here!

I have been thinking about hiring someone to come to clean my house, but I always get to the point that there is NO POINT to do that. Why? My home is not clutter-free. No! Not at all! So for me to hire someone to come to clean is actually more work than if I did it myself because I would have to make my house clutter free before the cleaner comes. Am I right? Cleaning is especially easy with the new Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit. Have you seen it? I picked up a new kit at Target, and I am obsessed! Wondering now how could I have lived without this for so long? I actually enjoy cleaning now!:-)

And yes, I do clean in a pretty dress sometimes. Why? Because I only have time to do it is when the kids leave for school in the morning and before I get out of the house. In between that, I have that 5 minutes to mop the floors. And more than anything I love to come home for a clean house, so I usually try to pick up the house in the early hours.

Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit made it easy!

The WetJet mobility makes it easy to turn corners and get into hard to reach places—all without having to rearrange any furniture. It also has a unique dual-nozzle sprayer in the front.  It literally takes me a couple of minutes to mop the entire upstairs without bending and making much of an effort. The system cleans floors thoroughly using cleaning solutions specially formulated to break up and dissolve messes.

I love the solution that makes my floors look shiny, new and mess-free! And trust me! Having two boys and cat leaves me with dirty floors all around the house.

I hope you will head to Target to pick up a  Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter Kit so you can enjoy dirt free, clean wood floors yourself!



This post was sponsored by Swiffer WetJet. All opinions are my own.



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