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Come check out how I organized my messy makeup bags into an organized makeup station. Every minute you can save yourself in the morning counts! 😉

Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste

Hello Everyone! If you are subscribed to my newsletter you most likely have read my message, or I should say SURVEY, that was sent out this past Sunday. I decided to dedicate August for organizing and I will share one organizing post each week in August. I wanted to hear your input and see what would you like to see organized, so perhaps you will get inspired to organize along with me. 🙂 I also wanted to see if you all are interested in seeing fashion posts here on Place Of My Taste. (You may not know that about me, but I LOVE fashion and style… a lot! 🙂

 If you missed that message, here is the link to the SURVEY. Please take a few seconds to fill out.

Being busy and projecting all the time is truly big part of my life. This means very little time to organize.

It is horrible, Iknow!

I have a few MUST FIX spaces in the house.

For the first I chose my makeup station (which wasn’t actually a makeup station).

I always wished to have a  makeup station in my closet with big mirror and lots of light…but, … I’ll never get to have one.

I was putting makeup on from my little bags every day.

 Yeah, you hear me.

  I had maybe 3 of those little makeup bags, sitting on the top of the vanity. Full of everything.

Oh… my husband’s favorite…:-)

 I will be barve enough to share the BEFORE picture. But please, don’t judge! Promise? I told you beforehand that I am lacking in the organizing department.

So her it is:


Yep! I told ya!

It was a mess. Big mess!

A trip to a close by store saved me. I got an organizing set (find similar here ) for all my makeup.

Remember that tray that I DIY – ed from a picture frame a few months ago?

This one…


It was pretty clear, that it would be a perfect tray to hold all my makeup for I don’t have a lot of it.

 I have few, really just the ones I know are good quality and I love. I only put makeup on in the morning and I don’t use very heavy makeup, only occasionally.
Putting my makeup on takes maybe about 5-8 minutes each morning. 8 minutes if I can not find my black eyeliner in the mess. 🙂

Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste -3628

Now that I can see everything, it is a piece of cake. On my stylish tray I can see everything and find anything I need in seconds. Don’t have to dig through my little bags anymore.

Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste -

 Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste -3644

Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste -3644

The plastic organizer is just perfect, I highly recommend it.

Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste -3637

Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste -3654

Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste -3668

Organizing- Makeup Station- Place Of My Taste -3669

This is it, my Friends. As you see, I got my makeup organized and it will make my life so much easier:-)

Below is some of the products that I favorite and I use on a daily basis

( affiliate links)


Happy Organizing and Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Yay! it’s so organized. I still can’t believe how messy my makeup bags right now compare to yours, Aniko. Thanks for the tips.
    Looks like you really put many good stuff here, submit, subscribed and pinned 🙂

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