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Outdoor String Lights across a backyard

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I love some cozy outdoor string lights across a backyard, and today I show you how we installed them in our backyard.

But let me take you back on memory lane first…

Our backyard went through a serious of remodeling over the last 3-4 years. It all started with installing and building this amazing outdoor kitchen – which, by the way, is still one of my favorite features of our home.


Our yard needed some TLC, and after all the hard work, I am happy to say that we created a beautiful backyard paradise.

Yup! This picture above was the BEFORE of the yard. It’s always so fun to look back at BEFORE stages.:-) Especially when the changes are dramatic.:-)

About three years ago, we installed these string lights with four long poles attached to the deck. There is a full tutorial on how we installed those string lights in this post.

These lights were holding up pretty well over the years, but this spring, it was about time to change them out.

I have been in LOVE with the look of these outdoor string lights, so I decided not only to change my old string lights on the deck but to add more string lights across a backyard.


We have a couple of large trees in the backyard, so it was easy to determine where we were going to install the lights across the yard. If you don’t have trees, you can use the same idea ( installing a post) somewhere in your yard.

As a base, we used a metal wire ( seen above). The cable has helped to keep the string lights nice and straight. We only used the wire across the yard but not around the deck.

It was a relatively fast and easy project, and we love the cozy feel of our backyard with these string lights across the yard.

Do you have any summer projects coming up? Will you add some fun string lights to make your yard cozy this summer? Here are some other fun summer projects for you to check out!:-)

Thank you for checking in.

Stay well!


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  1. I Really your Strings and Backyard, one of my favorite backyard, recently I installed Artificial Lawn at my backyard that’s look perfect too you can also try this, I hope it will inspire you too

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