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This DIY Painted Arch tutorial is easy and if I can do it, you can too!

Orange painted arch around tv on a living room wall.


I got on the arch bandwagon. I wanted to paint an arch somewhere in my house for the longest time. I have seen a few fun arches on Instagram, and on the web and it totally got me inspired to try this fun and easy mural painting in my home.

A little back story on this wall.

Many – oh so many- like maybe five years ago, I stenciled this side of our living room, and we loved the stenciled design for years, but it was time to do something different. You know how you just need to change things from time to time.

stenciled wall

We decided to paint that wall over with a beautiful white coat of paint. That was my first step.

Things you will need to start on your painted arch

  • proper gear for your painting project ( gloves, goggles, etc.)
  • painters tape
  • a piece of drape to cover your floor
  • level
  • string
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hammer
  • nail
  • the paint of your choice
  • paintbrush
  • small roll

How to make a painted arch

First things first.

And I promise it will be an easy project. You will want to paint more arches after you are done with your first painted arch.

Decode on the shape of the arch

I decided on what I am going to paint on my empty wall. I came up with 4 different designs and chose one out of the 4 designs. But in reality, I did not stick with my initial choice haha. I tweaked it as I went with the arch painting.

Illustration of a painted arch mural

Trace the shape of the arch

I installed the TV on the wall first because it was part of my design plan, and it seemed easier to trace the arch shape having the TV installed.

How to do a painted arch above TV

I measured the midpoint for the length of my TV. I used a pencil tied to a string attached to a nail. The length of the string should be the width of your arch at its widest point.

Starting at the top of the arch, move the pencil on the string down the wall to draw the curve. Watch this mini video below.

Once I had my shape traced, I started painting. My colors were Rusty Gate and Amazon Jungle from BEHR.

My first coat was applied with a brush; then, I went on with the second coat using a small roll to smoothen out the paint.

Then I took off the TV to finish up the edges beautifully. And I also painted a rectangle below the TV to make it look nice and finished.

Arch paint on wall

And then crazy me added another half arch flipped to the side and another small rectangle ( that you almost can’t see) to make it look more fun and unique of a mural.

woman standing in front of wall with painted arch

I told you it is a fantastic and super easy project! Are you ready to paint add a painted arch in your home?

REtro credenza with TV and painted arch above it.
Eclectic living room design.

As always, thank you for being here and getting inspired!

If you want more projects on your list be sure to check out this fun Wood slot ceiling or Black shiplap wall.



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  1. I have wanted to paint an arch in my dining room for years. This is just the inspiration I needed. Thanks!
    Now I just have to decide how many other bold shapes I’ll be adding around that painted first arch 🙂

  2. I love this idea! What size is your TV? Trying to imagine if we can do something familiar in our bedroom. Gorgeous!!

  3. I love the arch! Would you be able to give the name of the terracotta and the olive paints pls? I would love to recreate this!

  4. This is just so lovely! I love the colors you chose and it’s just such a unique idea. Fun but comes off really elegant and the earthy colors are just right.

    Do you have a piece of art that you cover your TV with? That’s so genius, how did you pull that off?
    (my apologies if you have another post about this- just discovered your site!)


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