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Today I am sharing this fun and spooky Halloween Front Porch decor. A few weeks ago I received two large posable skeletons from The Home Depot to create something fun and scary as part of their Halloween Style Challenge.  When we opened the large boxes that arrived, my kids were going crazy.:-) The kiddos love Halloween, and this year our house will be the “cool” looking spooky house on the block. Yay! I was also thrilled because I don’t usually make a big deal of Halloween decor so this year it’s a little bit different.

Spooky Front Porch Decor!

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skeletons and beware signs make a spooky front porch decor for halloween

I knew that the front porch would be a big deal for us as I don’t typically decorate the inside of the house for Halloween. I usually throw some black and white pillows onto the couch, but that’s it.  This year we got into it though and I ended up with more Halloween decorations in our indoor space as our outdoor!

Can I get a high five for Cool Halloween Ideas!?

As our regular tradition, we go trick or treating with the boys on our street, and I usually leave a large bowl of Halloween treats on the steps for other trick or treaters. This year we will do the same tradition, but we will leave a spooky front porch for the visitors. Boo!

I made a large BEWARE sign that I placed right in from our home. It was super easy to make with just a few materials from The Home Depot. I used a mail box post and mail post anchor to secure the post in the ground, and you can read THE full tutorial HERE.

Spooky bones and skeletons make a great halloween decor

I found this animated skeleton greyhound that has lifelike sounds and illuminated eyes. So cool- but a little creepy! For the leash, I used the blow-molded chain.

dog skeleton adds to creepy front yard decorations

I also made up some skull mounted poles using the realistic looking skulls and stakes. Super easy but impressive little project.

Skulls on spikes make front yard spooky for halloween!

pumpkins and skeletons on the front stairs

pumpkins and skeletons in fog around the front yard

And the ol’ Jack o Lanterns. I chose to make a chic black and white decor for this year, so I turned those orange pumpkins to white with the help of a little spray paint. I really like the simplicity of the white and black. What do you think?

I added a lantern here and some spiderwebs and nearly blood shaded chrysanthemums to complete the effect and I think it was just spot on what I was going for. It has a classically elegant hauntingly simple vibe going on right?!

I also added the Halloween wreath, and I purchased a fog machine  for the scariest night of the year.:-)

For full tutorials of these easy DIY decor projects,

please visit THE HOME DEPOT BLOG.

Thanks for visiting today! I hope you got inspired to decorate for Halloween!

Have a DIY CREEPY Halloween!

And if you love to dress up with your BOO, check out these awesome Halloween costumes for couples!

pin for halloween costumed for couples



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  1. Fantastic Halloween decorations, Aniko…you set the standard early on for the ultimate holiday front porch. Cheers, Ardith

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