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Last year I participated in THE HOME DEPOT Holiday Style Challenge. It was so super fun, and I enjoyed the experience. I created a super festive looking woodland front porch for Christmas, and it turned out beautifully. Click here to see it if you would like to get some early inspiration for Christmas. Or Pin it for later!

blue front door with large fir wreath with pinecones and wood tree cut outs on wither side

This year I was honored to be chosen to participate in a similar challenge, but this time it was to create and share decorations in the Halloween and Harvest style challenge with seven other fabulous bloggers. Check them out on The Home Depot blog. Needless to say- I am thrilled again to have the opportunity to work with these ladies and with Home Depot.

home depot style challengeHow fun! If you had seen my kids’ faces when I told them that mommy was going to decorate a very spooky/scary front porch you would have giggled. Oh, my!:-) They had huge smiles on their faces, and they could not wait for mommy to start on the project. I don’t usually decorate for Halloween a whole lot, so it was a lot of fun to come up with some awesome DIY projects to make our house to be the coolest one on the block!:-)

Who is down for a Halloween DIY Project!?

Below are a few sneak peeks of the projects I created.  Tomorrow I will reveal my very spooky Halloween Front porch- but first I am giving you the inside scoop on how to recreate everything I did! So enjoy these pretty awesome and easy DIY ideas and be sure to come back here!

**UPDATE** the full post SPOOKY HALLOWEEN FRONT PORCH DECOR is ready for you to view now!

Spooky Beware Sign DIY

beware sign for halloween

Print out an image and tex the size you want to use on your sign. Cut it out and trace around it and use that as a guide to paint. Alternatively if you are using the sign in a semi sheltered area- just cut it out and use modge podge to glue it on and seal it up!

Skulls on Spikes Halloween Decor

skulls on spikes

Grab some smal picket or lawn spikes and paint them up as you like- then top them with small skulls for a creepy yard ornament.

Spooky Box for Trick or Treaters

box for halloween candy

Paint a box or container to look older and distressed and set it in your spookiest area or right on top of a skeletons lap- for the kids to get candy out of. Line it with a trash bag so the candy won’t fall through.

Upcycled Pumpkin Decor

spray paint a pumpkin

Always, use what you have on hand! Thats what ll this DIY stuff is kind of about guys. Doing it for less when you can and making it your own. I had these cool pumpkins from last year and didn’t want to get more so I spray painted them to match the colors I used for this years Halloween decor and they turned out really well!

Enjoy this Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge!

I promise, the projects I came up with are so easy but look very cool and spooky together.  You don’t want to miss this big Halloween reveal!!:-) **UPDATE** Go see it now! SPOOKY HALLOWEEN FRONT PORCH DECOR



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