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I am a Brand Ambassadör for IKEA U.S. This is a sponsored post.

I have been waiting for this day for so long as I was itching to share my walk-in closet makeover with IKEA PAX WARDROBE with you guys. I shared some sneak peeks on Instagram throughout the process, and now that it is entirely done, I am super excited to share the final closet reveal with you!

First things first…

I am a fashionista. Ok, maybe not a fashionista but I tend to have way too many clothes in my closet as I like to follow the current trend. And I’ve always had a hard time keeping my clothes organized. But not anymore! My new, brilliant walk-in closet is bright, pretty and immaculately organized and I have a feeling that it will stay that way because the system I have now. I’ve been dreaming of a beautifully planned, organized closet for years and now that I have it I am one happy gal.

Before we get into details, I think you should see what I was dealing with for the many years prior. I had the sort of builder grade standard closet (system) that many of you probably have with the wire shelving. It’s was a disorganized space, and clearly, I could not keep it tidy.

The closet alone is a weird shape as there is a little nook on the far left that almost hardly accessible. My goal was to fully maximize my closet space and of course, going through and purge all my clothing.

I am a huge IKEA fan!

Every time I visited the store and walked by the wardrobe area, it made my little heart go pitter-patter. IKEA has a fantastic closet organizing system, called the PAX system. What’s great about the PAX system is that you can go online and use their PAX online storage planner. You can type in the measurements of your closet space and custom plan your closet for your needs. Isn’t that cool?!?

IKEA PAX Storage Planner…

I played around with different frames and variations until I found the perfect system for my closet space.

Installing the PAX closet took us a couple of days but following the instructions made it super easy.

And now take a look at my finished walk-in closet space….I swagger in here, and I feel like I walked into Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. But for real!

I can’t even believe that it’s the same space, guys! I purged a lot but nearly not as much as I thought I would. It’s incredible how easily all my clothing fits into these organized units. Everything has its place, and I know it will be a breeze to keep it this way.

AND these Features!

All the features that are available with the PAX system are just fabulous.

Just look at the pants hangers, and these pull out trays that can help keep my jewelry and belts organized.

The entire wall on the right is fully maximized. I love the pull-out drawers that can hide things that aren’t so pretty to display.

The pullout hooks are my faves! They are perfect to store long necklaces and scarfs.

I am super giddy about my pretty, bright and organized new walk-in closet. These pictures are not staged, this is the real deal, my friends!

For lighting, we added the IKEA URSHULT led cabinet lights, and I made a macrame lantern to complete the space to my taste.

What do you think of my new walk-in closet? I can’t wait to read your comments, so please share your thoughts and let me know if you have any questions.

I highly recommend the PAX system for anybody who is looking to maximize their closet space!

Want to organize your closet? Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Have a beautiful day. I’m going to (effortlessly) find something to wear… in fact I may change my clothes three times today- or just hang out in my closet and smile like the cat who got the mouse. Thanks, IKEA!

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  1. Hi, your closet is pretty cool, I would like to understand if the last element on the bottom (the one with the regular rack and the hats) of the wall is a corner element or if you have placed the shallow element in front of the deeper one
    thank you!

  2. Your closet came out beautifully. I was under the impression that with shallower PAX (approx 14 inch depth) you can only hang clothes facing you instead of perpendicular to you. But it looks like in the corner (beneath your hats) you were able to hang some blouses perpendicular. Was this a custom addition or part of the PAX system? I really love the accessories like the jewelry trays and hangers for pants and would love to use the PAX system but this could be a deal breaker for us. Thanks!

    1. Neysa, The Pax system is amazing. I am so happy that I went for this closet makeover. The Pax comes in 2 different depth. And you are correct, the one side of the closet has the shallower depth ( 15 or so inches) and the wall on the other side has the deeper frame. My closet is super small and this was the only way to make it work. I planned out everything ( YES! it took some thinking and planning lol) but once the base was planned, it was fun to design the rest. I hope this helps! Xo

  3. Can I ask how much walk space you have between units? I only have 18″ if I use the 22 7/8″ unit which seemed small to me, but if your walk space is similar, I may just do it!

  4. Hi! Gorgeous!! We have an odd shaped closet as well with a little square area off to one side that looks like yours. What did you end up doing with that nook?

    1. Ghaw! Just noticed this. I built that little nook in. It’s still accessible but and I did not waste the space. I hope yours turned out great!

  5. Hi, looks amazing! I know it’s all custom to your closet size and needs, but how much would this closet cost?

  6. This is a beautiful and efficient setup ! I was just wondering where you put your dresses, it is my dilemma ! ????

    1. Hey Kath! I am absolutely obsessed with my closet. Still, lol! My long dresses and coats are on the left side of the closet that is not really visible when you look at the closet from the front. since I had a very funky shaped closet, I needed to utilize every inch and the way I designed it works perfectly. I hide the winter coats in the summer and hide the summer dresses in the winter in that little corner that cut off. The great thing about this closet system is that you can design it for your needs! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. It’s amazing! My closet looks like your before 🙁 I want a closet like yours in the worst way

  8. I love the Pax system but I have seen it sagging at a friend’s house. How do you feel the quality is? I read they changed the material so the shelf’s are not as sturdy. I want it but that is only think hindering me!

  9. This looks amazing! I’m trying to plan our master closet with Pax but it’s pretty narrow….can I ask how much overlap there is in the corner of your closet? Ours is only 5’x4′, so it’s hard to find the best configuration…

    1. Thanks Ellen! I am pretty obsessed with my closet lol. The overlap on the corner is about 15-20”. The frame that I used in that corner was a 29” frame and the other pqrt ( that is perpendicular to the 29”) covers a big chunk of it. My closet had a funky shape and I had to play around with the planning. But it does bother me that the corner piece is covered as I can hng lots of clothes in that hidden corner that are seasonal.
      Good luck! I am sure you will love your closet once it’s done! Best!

  10. THIS IS AMAZING!!! How many units did you have to buy or was it specific to your measurements after you played around with it? I was just discussing my issue with my walk in as well. Please let me know! I feel a trip to IKEA is on its way!! ❤️

    1. The system planner is a great tool. It helped me tremendously. I measured my space, started a new project with the online planner and tweaked it to my needs. First I picked out the frames. I maximized every inch in that closet space. My closet is really funky though, so I had to play around with the frames and what I could fit in there. But once the frames were finalized, I really enjoyed adding different interiors ( hangers, drawers, shelves, jewelry organizers) per my needs. I loooove my nEW, ORGANZIED space! Let me know if you have any questions!

  11. It looks gorgeous and functional. I’m in the process of doing my closet now and this has inspired me. I love everything that you do to your home.

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