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This is a sponsored post by Bassett Furniture. All opinions are 100% on my own.

I’ve been itching to show you guys this bedroom refresh. When I browse awesome bedrooms like this Mid Modern Bedroom from Ashley, I get the itch to redo my own room. When I learned about Bassett’s new MODERN Collection, I smiled a little, and I was hoping to have my bedroom furniture upgraded as I loved the new collection. The  MODERN Collection lives at the intersection of clean lines, luxe accents, and extreme comfort. With collections for every room in the house, it’s time to bring modern feel into everyday living.

My bedroom was great, but a little chance always helps the soul, am I right? And now I am happy to report that I am genuinely obsessed with our new space. When we decided to change out our furniture, I immediately wanted to freshen up the wall colors as well. It’s been at least five years since we painted in this room, so it was about time for a refresh on those dirty walls.  And what else could have gone up to my walls other than crisp, clean white paint? I don’t know what about white, but I could use it in every single space in my home. We painted the walls ( all of them except the gallery wall). It didn’t take but a day to paint the walls and then I painted a wall mural which has been on my list for so long.

I envisioned a calming vibe for this space and I used colors that helped to achieve that feel. Greens make me calm. I tend to kill every single houseplant ( maybe I can deal with that big palm tree haha) so I painted palm leaves and greeneries behind the bed.  I didn’t want to make it look too busy, so I left lots of negative space that I later filled with macrame plant hangers and more greens.:-)

The Astor Bed that I picked for this room has clean, modern lines and shimmery metallic accents are paired with deep dimensional oak to create a blend of refined hipness and casual elegance. Entirely in love with this bed.

The Rivoli Nightstands are an excellent match for the Astor Bed. I chose the Lyon Brown Finish with Champagne Brass hardware. Just the perfect combo, don’t you think?

And talk about this hip table lamp? I couldn’t resist but get two of those fun Lindsey Task Lamps. One of my new year’s resolutions was to read more, and I hope this light will be used a whole lot this year.:-) If you have any great book recommendations, leave it on the comments!

I also pulled on a rug on rug for this space. We don’t have hardwood floors ( it’s on the plan for this year), but that does not mean I can’t display a gorgeous rug. I am a huge fan of the rug on rug situation. This amazing Tate Fog Rug was the final touch to get the look I was going for. I have the 8×10 in here. Tate Collection rugs are handcrafted using natural un-dyed cowhide. A fantastic mosaic of hair-on-hide leather pieces are hand placed together by master craftsmen in order to create these exceptional works of art for your floor. Simply amazing!

In the end, everything looked so well toned and brought together. We got rid of our ceiling fan (I can not stand the ceiling fan, so it was never used in here), and added that cool Dipylon pendant which is not available online anymore but you could purchase it in stores. For other great lighting options be sure to check out THIS link.

What do you think of our new bedroom decor? I am smitten with this new look! Feels great to walk in here and get comfy in that cozy bed!:-)

Bassett had a huge President’s Day Sale going on! If you are shopping for furniture, be sure to check out the new  MODERN Collection! Bassett Furniture also has professional designers on hand to help bring customers’ dream piece or dream room come to life. Anyone can book a design appointment today at bassettfurniture.com for an in-store consultation.





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  1. Hello Aniko- on another website you styled a bed with a beautiful comforter. The page was about DIY headboards, tufts and etc. I am interested in the comforter that was used in the wooden arch headboard. The comforter is mustard on one side and a flower design on the other side. Where could I buy that comforter? Thank you so much!! Love your style!

  2. Szia Anikó!
    I really like the look of the room as a whole as well as the individual elements, but I must say my favourite part is the wall mural (I love to paint, but never seem to have the time). I know it’s been well over a year since you did this, but is there any chance you still have close up, step by step, photos of how you painted each plant? I’ll be moving next year (and am already dreaming and planning of what to do) so I was planning on doing something similar when I came across your sight. Looking forward to checking out your other projects!

    1. Szia Csilla- Unfortunately, I didn’t take step-by-step pictures of how I painted it. I used three different shades of green and honestly, I just went with what came out of me that day. I knew I wanted something leafy but I did not plan out what exactly I am going to do. Just go with your gut and it will be fabulous.:-) Send me a pic once it’s done! Puszi 🙂

  3. Gorgeous bedroom!! I love the lighting pendant and how you creatively hung the plants. Your room looks so airy and relaxing. The blankets give the room a warm and cozy feel too.

  4. I absolutely love the painted wall! Fantastic work! It blends so seamlessly with the plants you keep. Absolutely gorgeous! What kind of paint did you use? Did you have a small tin of house paint or did you use an actual art paint?

  5. Hi Aniko! You are very talented and creative. I loved the bedroom makeover. It caused me to look at my own space and re-evaluate my existence in my own bedroom. I recently have gotten engaged to a wonderful man who overlooked my bedroom “hoarder” tendencies and saw that I was so much more. ☺️ He will be moving into my space and we rent his. I’d love to change it and make it more inviting. I live in a ‘50’s bungalow style home…retro chic. Lots of wood and hardwood floors. Thank you for inspiring me to clean and organize. I want it to be an inviting and relaxing space for us.

    1. Natalie, Congrats on your engagement! How exciting! Sometimes you can help an existing decor with just changing little things. Try a new paint color, add houseplants for an airy and lively look! Good luck with your projects! Xo

  6. Love your new bedroom. Very chic/modern. Love the clean lines. Beautiful mural-such talent!!
    I just read a really good book- “On Second Thought: A Novel” by Kristan Higgins

  7. Love the new almost tropical look. Very calming. As to good books… I love all of Kristin Hannah’s books. I’m waiting for her latest called The
    Great Alone: a novel. Loved her Winter Garden. I have read all her books and some have been made into movies.

  8. You rocked it again! The space is so serene. I saw the post on Ig and I thought you wallpapered. Thrilled to see you hand painted the accent corner. ♥️♥️♥️ I’m awaits amazed with your talents! Great looking bedroom.

    1. Thanks so much Sabrina to check in today. I had so much fun creating this look and I think the greeneries complement the dark furniture beautifully! Xo

  9. OMG you are so talented love the new look. As always great job. Can’t wait to see all the creative things you’ve done in person. See you soon????

  10. I love love love this look! The lighting is so cool, the greens and foliage with all that dark wood look amazing and that sexy modern rug gives it a great foundation. What an awesome makeover! Thanks for the link! I have to go check out Bassett now. LOL – don’t tell my husband!

    1. Glad you do, Christine! I had a great time creating this look that I had dreamed in my head.:-) Yeah – go check out Bassett! I won’t tell the hubby!-)

  11. WOW Aniko, as soon as I saw the image in my IG feed I knew it was you! Gorgeous transformation, it’s so alive and airy I like that a lot.
    You truly never disappoint my dear, ♥️

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