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Today I am reviewing a fantastic campground we stayed at down the Florida Keys; Bluewater Key RV Resort. It’s absolutely the best in all categories: grounds, services, sites, staff. Hands down the best RV park we have ever stayed in.



Amazing RV park in the Floriday Keys. with a Tiki hut.

We decided to spend our winter in Florida this year. We headed down south in mid-November, and so far, we have been loving Florida life. Especially my boys. They love fishing, and I can’t imagine a better place to do what they have a passion for than the Florida Keys. I wasn’t super crazy about being in Florida for that long (2-3 months), but I am not going to lie: you can get used to the sunshine every day.:-) I also won’t complain about the beautiful blue water we see here daily.

Blue Water RV Resort in the Florida Keys  The bay front sites are the best.

We typically don’t book far in advance but we knew it’s going to be different in the Florida Keys as it is peak season and most RV parks will be fully booked. We booked two sites ( 6 nights on one site and four nights on another) a few months in advance in this fabulous campground. It was a little over our budget to tell you the truth, but we were able to cancel other (pricey – because everything is expensive this time around in the Keys!) campsites and book a lot more affordable state park sites so that we could splurge a little in this resort.

All the sites are privately owned. And all of them are truly spectacular.


Palm trees and fifth wheel with a patterned camping mat.

The first site we booked was a TROPICAL SITE.

This site has a Tiki hut at that backside; it’s tranquil and has lots of room.

The Tiki hut includes a kitchen, cabinets, outdoor TV, refrigerator, and garden furniture. You can walk out to the canal pier through the back gate and fish off the dock from this site.

Spacious RV site in Florida Keys.
Tiki hut in campground.

The sunrises were pretty nice, peaking through the beautiful palm trees each morning, too!

paddle boards and palm trees

BAY front SITE 60

Site 60 is truly unique. Whether it’s the spacious tiki hut or the private dock with a view of the sunrise. The site is a bay site filled with palm trees and other vegetation. The site comes with an open tiki hut with a kitchen and fridge to store groceries and drinks. There is also a private dock which was the highlight for our boys as their passion is fishing. The pier had a ladder to go down to the water to snorkel or get into the kayak. We mostly hung out around on the dock, fished, and kayaked during our stay. We didn’t have to leave the RV resort – we had everything we needed plus more.

We rented a kayak from this company. The kayak was delivered to our site and the staff was super friendly.

I received packages at the office too- which is nice when you are full-time on the road with no permanent address.:-)

The resort also has a nice size pool (I didn’t get to take a pic), and it was empty most days.

Key West was about a twenty minutes drive from the resort.

Sunrise at Bluewater Key RV resort.

When we woke up early in the morning and walked outside, we would see the fiery orange sun. It was truly magical. Perfect view to get a great day started.

The only tricky thing with the site was that the site was typically designed for motorhomes. They have a few sites on the water that can fit fifth wheels and pull behind campers. But the great staff members were able to pull us into the site with their unique tool. (they usually don’t like to do that, though)

People sitting on a dock in the Florida Keys with a Tiki hut in the background.

The waterfront sites are premium sites and worth every penny.

Will you visit this spectacular RV resort?

Florida Keys campground, Blue Water Key RV Resort

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