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Hello February! Let’s welcome you with this pretty FREE FEBRUARY SCREENSAVER!

I am on time this time! It’s unusual, but I pulled it together this month, and I am posting the freebie on the first day of the month. Ha!

I share a monthly freebie on the blog if you are new here. Typically I share the freebie a few days into the month. It’s always my watercolor art that I genuinely offer for a free download.

laptop mockup with watercolor plants painting

The other day I replanted my plants that travel with us. Did you know that we have been traveling full-time for a year and a half with our camper? We LOVE the lifestyle and what’s involved with it. There are many things to love and hate about it – which alone deserves multiple posts on the blog- and I promise I will be here soon!

So replanting my plants inspired this month’s freebie.

I love my plants!

And I try to care for them carefully, but the truth is that plants don’t love to be moved often, and with our lifestyle, they move pretty often. I felt that they might need some fresh soil and love and a bit of care. So while my boys went fishing, I replanted some of my babies. And that lovely evening inspired my painting this month. See a short video of this watercolor plant painting in my feed on Instagram.

plants on a cool camping mat

I always listen to what my readers would like to see next month, so be sure to leave a comment, and hopefully, I can make it happen.


iPhone mockup, three watercolor painted plants in a pot

I hope you enjoy this freebie, and you will be back for more!

Thanks for visiting today:-)



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