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DIY Globe Flower Vase

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Hello Place of My Taste readers!  It’s Amy here again from Delineate Your Dwelling, a creative DIY blog.  I hope you are having a wonderful spring.  I know I have been soaking up every moment of newly budding flowers, green plants showing up everywhere and lovely spring rains.  And in the spirit of spring, today I am sharing how to make an easy DIY Globe Flower Vase.

DIY Globe Flower Vase




I found a box of three 6″ globes at Home Goods.
Acrylic craft paint
X.acto Knife / Dremel

Globe Flower Vase supplies


I wanted to simplify the pattern and colors of the globe, so I selected just four colors.  I first outlined all the land in an aqua color. Then, filled in the outlines with a pea green color.  Next was a soft blue and then a pop of brighter blue.

Depending on what kind of material your globe is made out of, you may be able to use an x.acto knife or a utility knife.  My globe was paper wrapped around a hollow plastic sphere, so I had to use a small dremel to cut an opening.  Either way, it should be a fairly simple task.

Globe Flower Vase steps
Once there was an opening in the globe, it becomes a perfect vase for your favorite spring flowers.

Globe Vase

I filled my globe with simple white tulips, as well as a few bright green leaves.

DIY Globe Vase
DIY Flower Vase

Wouldn’t this be an easy and yet stunning centerpiece for your next brunch?

DIY Vase
DIY Flower Vase Globe

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