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Why not share this cute teacher gift last minute, right?

Have I told you that my BEST ideas are always last minute? Kid you not! This pretty teacher appreciation gift was born on a busy afternoon out on my lovely deck.

We love our teachers and here came teacher appreciation week- and I had nothing planned. I have been so busy with the photography business that I realized last minute that I had not prepared anything for the kid’s teachers. This year, there was a set TO DO for each day, which was actually pretty cool, I think. We had a Twitter day ( write a “tweet” about your teacher), Instagram day ( bring in a favorite picture to your teacher), ETSY day ( make something handmade) and that’s when I asked my son what would he like to make for his teacher. And of course, the apple does not fall far from its tree; he said: ” Mama, let’s make macrame.” And I said…Okay!:-) He sees me to macrame a lot, so that was natural for him to say let’s make macrame. I LOVE IT!

Things you will need to complete this cute teacher gift:

  • cotton cord or yarn
  • ruler
  • grow kit or plants or flower pots ( but you can easily replace the pots with mugs and such as a Christmas gift)
  • pencil


I did not just want to make anything ordinary, so I came up with this cute hanger with the ruler, herb grow kit and pencil. And my son totally loved helping mommy. He learned the square knot in no time!

To start off the project you will need to secure the cotton cords onto the ruler with the larks head knot. You can earn the basic Macrame Knots in this tutorial that you can use to make your teacher appreciation hanger. Don’t get discouraged at first sight. The video tutorial will help you to get the basics of macrame very quickly.

Then you can finish up your project with the best for for your teacher. I got this herb grow kit at Target’s dollar section, and I thought it would be so adorable with the ruler and pencil.

I hope you enjoy this fun idea! Let me know how you make it yours!

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  1. Hi Aniko, This looks great & I want to make it for my granddaughter to give her teacher at a little school in South Australia. Could you please tell me how long the lengths of string are that you used? Thanks!

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