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Today I am sharing a small entryway update with eSaleRugs.

Sometimes small changes can make a huge impact in your home decor. And that is no secret that I love small changes often. Changing rugs and pillows are the easiest way to refresh a room without spending a fortune on home decor items or new furniture. So this is what I just did in our entry way using an OH SO gorgeous rug from eSaleRugs’ Hamedan collection, and I am loving the look and feel of the room more than ever! Originally I was going to use this gorgeous rug in our upstairs hallway, but it was just a bit large for that area, so I decided to use the rug downstairs in our entry.

eSaleRugs has a vast collection of fabulous rugs, and what’s great about their online store is that you can search by color, size, style or type of rugs to find specifically what you are looking for. I spent quite some time to find the perfect rug for my space as there were lots of great rugs to choose from but being able to pick a pattern, and size helped a lot to narrow down my search.

I adore the color combo in this amazing Persian runner. This runner is “one of a kind” so you won’t find the same exact rug, but there are much more to choose from for such an excellent price.

What do you think about this small update? I love the vibrant colors, and I feel that this rug goes perfectly with the rest of the style and decor of my home. I am striving to create such cohesive look in all spaces in the house which means a pop of color in every room. 🙂

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