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DIY dollar store PUMPKINS

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I am really excited to share these easy to make DIY pumpkins with you today!
Don’t you just love them?Awwh…I do!
And guess what , it was really on the budget!
Found these not very pretty orange color { ewwwh } pumpkins at dollar store.
They were called, carvable pumpkins.
 First of all, I have painted these pumpkins with my off white paint.
I had my little helper, who actually did a great job of painting these pumpkins for me..:-)
 Paint was dry in 2 minutes, literally.
I really loved them white, It was so nice and not original.
Let me tell you, these off white pumpkins almost cost $10 in other stores.
Who wants to pay that much for a pumpkin?
Plain off white pumpkin is truly my style but I wanted to add some twist to it.
Quickly made them look super cute by adding some raffia lines
 and  by drawing chevron pattern with my oil pastel on it !
I used hot glue gun to attach the raffia pieces to the pumpkins!
 After i was done with attaching the raffia lines,
I glued this big spider stencil, that was also purchased at dollar store.
As you see, my lines were not so perfect,
but this is exactly what I love about DIY…I can be so imperfect and still looking good.
This other pumpkin was also made with the raffia lines added on with hot glue gun.
 5 minutes project. YAY!
What do you think?
I am in LOVE.
These pumpkins are part of my dining room fall decoration project.
Have you seen my FALL CENTERPIECE yet? Come check it out HERE.
Have you finished  any pumpkin decoration yet?
I would love to see it!
 If yo have not, I hope you got inspired!
Happy fall my friends!
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  1. Super, super cute! This is such a great project for my daughter and I to tackle. I love that it came from the Dollar Store, too. I always like to spend just a little when it comes to decorating. Great idea!

  2. You did a great job with these! I am definitely going to have to head to my dollar store and see if I can find anything similar 🙂

    If you have time you should totally link this up at our Blog Strut! We would love to have you there!


  3. These are so cute! Every year my daughter and I decorate fresh pumpkins, and she always gets upset when it's time to toss them. So, i was thinking that we'd decorate some fake pumpkins, and your post has inspired me! Thanks so much for sharing such a cute idea.

  4. These are AWESOME! What a great idea, thank you for sharing 🙂 Adding the Dollar Store to my list for today 😉

    Dawn from I Think We Could Be Friends.com stopping by from the Pincentive Hop 🙂

    1. When I first saw them I walked by them,,,but then I turned back to get a couple of these pumpkins and I am so glad I did! Love the turnout! Can't wait to see what yo are going to create of these pumpkins!

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