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It’s Garden party time!
Garden Party Tour - Creative Outdoor Solutions
What’s better in the middle of summer than checking out 25 fantastic outdoor spaces! The fabulous Ursula from HOMEMADE BY CARMONA is hosting an all week long garden party with some seriously awesome blogger friends! Favorite time of the year for me is summer ( only when it’s not 117 F outside) as we love to spend as much time outdoor as possible. My boys are off electronics (and I mean ALL electronics; tv, movies, games, etc.) during the week so being inside is not an option. Even though they have many toys, they are always complaining being bored inside. Ha. But I love the idea of playing outside, running around and enjoying outdoors as much as possible, so it all works out with my crazy team!
Today I am going to show you little bit around the house, and I will show you how our outdoor space is looking like these days.
Garden party (1 of 1)-3
We built this amazing patio pallet furniture two years ago firm shipping pallets, and we could not be happier with how it turned out. During the spring and summer months, we use this bad boy on a daily basis. Literally! Very comfortable lounge furniture and the cushions are perfectly beautiful and durable.
Garden party (4 of 7)
One thing I love to be surrounded, all year around, are flowers. I have many summer plants and flowers on the deck, and I ( or the hubby :-))try to keep up with watering them regularly.
Garden party (1 of 1)-4
Garden party (7 of 7)
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This fabulous hanging flower planter holder was also made out of shipping pallets. You can learn more about the making process here.
Garden party (1 of 1)-2
This shot below was made of the front of the house. I think by now you can tell how much I am attracted to blue shades. The shutters and front door were painted last fall with beautiful blue, and they look stunning with the yellow siding.
This cute little window basket was just added to my outdoor floral garden last week. I finally found a solution to hang a window flower box on vinyl siding.
Well, this is my little outdoor paradise that we enjoy having!
There are other amazing garden spaces to check out HERE! Enjoy the tours!
Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Wow, your pallet furniture looks so great! I had to do a double take to realize that’s what it is! I love how bright and cozy your patio is. And I envy your green thumb and you can keep all of those lovely flowers alive! I have such a black thumb, haha! 😉

  2. I love your outdoor space, Aniko! And all the flowers! Ahhh… that would make my heart so happy being surrounded by all that beauty. Can’t wait to see you at Haven in a few short weeks! xoxo

  3. There isn’t much I love more than getting lost in your beautiful photos Aniko. Love your summery deck! The flowers are gorgeous and so is the colorful decor! Well done, as usual!

  4. Love all the greenery and flowers. That patio looks like the perfect place to hang out during the summer. Your blue shutters are awesome. Thanks for sharing your pretty space!

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