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You guys! I am a bit late but heck we are giving our kitchen a little refresh in the next six weeks. Say what!


Yup! I am signing up for the challenge once again.:-) This picture below was my last makeover, THE COZY BREAKFAST NOOK.

I love challenges, and it seems like every time I sign up for the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda over at Calling it Home, it turns out to be a fantastic makeover. Why? Becuase I love to be motivated, and I love to finish every makeover in six short weeks. I know that if there was no deadline, I would maybe procrastinate with all my projects lol. You can find all my makeovers listed below. They were all fun!





So what’s in my basket this time?

KITCHEN REFRESH! I am so super excited about this project, guys! I’ve been itching to tackle this kitchen refresh for a long time but I just never got to it yet.

When we moved into our home, almost ten years ago, we had oak cabinets that were originally built in. I hated them from the beginning, but of course, we did not get to remodel it for a few more years.

Then fast forward four years, we decided to give it a go and remodel our kitchen. Back then I was all about dark cabinets. We planned out our kitchen using IKEA cabinets, and we assembled everything from the boxes. It was a huge remodel, but it was also a budget-friendly remodel. We did everything on our own and just to mention, I was 38 weeks pregnant. Yeah! I was hoping that project will help me to get into labor lol.

So this time around we won’t make huge changes. Outlined is my plan for this space:

  • TAKE OUT MICROWAVE (we never use it) and ADD A RANGE HOOD
  • TAKE OUT CABINETS AND BUILD OPEN SHELVES (to the right side of the window)

Well, I think this is it! And here is my mood board for this kitchen refresh and I am hoping to get the look close to what you see on my mood board.

So what do you think? Please help me to choose the right tiles. I really would love to stick to black and white, but I am undecided on which tile I should go with! Leave me a comment, and I hope you will be following along in this fun Kitchen refresh!

My beautiful tiles will be provided by Wayfair!

Thanks for checking in today!



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  1. I am trying out the challenge for the first time and doing a kitchen refresh as well!! Your past makeovers helped convince me to just go for it!! Your inspiration here is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see it all done!! Good luck girl!!

  2. Ooh, I love that top left tile option! Kind of faded but so pretty, that’s got my vote 🙂 I’m excited to see what you do! I wish we were going to be able to get anything in our house done in six weeks, haha, but I’m planning on doing black cabinets in our kitchen too 🙂

  3. You’re kitchen is going to look amazing when it’s done! I think the lower left tile would look best with your design.

    1. I am excited to add open shelves, although I had to convince the hub first! He wasn’t sold completely until I showed him some awesome inspo images.:-)

  4. I know it’ll turn out amazing, as usual Aniko! I see you’re going to be updating your backsplash by painting it – why not try Smart Tiles – they’re peel and stick tiles. You can stick them onto your existing tiles! Super easy application. Just a thought 😉

  5. I’ve loved your previous makeovers and was bummed when I didn’t see your post yesterday- can’t wait to see what you do! Your mood board is SO pretty and YOU!

    1. Right? I was like…I can’t miss an ORC so last minute I jumped on the wagon.:-) Glad to hear that you will be following along! XOXO

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