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KIDS’ CLOSET – ORGANIZED! Organizing any closet is a big task, and especially the one the kids get into is really hard to keep neat. Sometimes you may need ideas to make it easy for the kids to help keep their things in order. Here you go! 😉

Organizing kids closet

TGIF! This week I had a chance to organize my kids’ closet. I dedicated August for getting my life organized a little bit.
Last week I shared my Makeup Station which stayed pretty organized so far. { Happy dance }

My boys now share a room and they also share the same closet. It is not a huge closet but big enough to hold both of their clothes. My older one will start Kindergarten in just a few weeks { tears } and I had to take a little time to see if we need to do some shopping.

Here is a “before” picture to show you how the closet looked before.

In less then an hour (including painting) I turned the closet to a very organized space.

Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -3936

First, I took everything out of the closet.


Almost the entire room filled up – LOL.

I painted the long hanger rod and the back wall in the bottom of the closet to add the same feel to the closet as the room has.
I used the same colors as I used when I stenciled their accent wall.

Then I went through all their clothes and separated the ones that were still fitting them and the ones that did not fit in size anymore. I tossed the ones we did not need anymore into a big bag that will go to Goodwill or to my friends. I am lucky that both my boys were born in the same month (2 yrs apart) and my little one literally gets all his clothing from my older one.

Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -3972

I took out the long metal shelf and added two white shelf organizers instead. The long shelf that I had, was a mess, always. (see on the before pic)
I used some decorative baskets to hold their socks and printed some simple labels on them. I used cute fabric baskets to hold their underwear.

Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -3944

I tried to hang as much as button-down hoodies, shirts and polos as possible and I folded all the T-shirts on the long shelf below the hanger.Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -3980

Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -3988

For their pants, I put in a big bin in the bottom of the closet.

Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -3984

For their Pj’s and superhero shirts, I put up some fabric bins to the top shelves.

Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -3990

Now everything has it’s place. YAY! Kid’s closet is organized.

Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -

And here are the ones that will make some other kids happy:-)

Organizing- Kids Closet- Place Of My Taste -4005

My favorite organizing items:

Next week I will ( hopefully) organize my laundry.

Are you organizing along with me?

Dedicate  15-30 minutes each week to one space in your home. It will make a huge difference.

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Happy Weekend and Happy Organizing!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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    1. Katie, I really think that I have to dedicate time regularly to organize so I would never get to the stage where I was (or where I am with lot’s of spaces in the house). It really makes life easier.:-)Have a lovely week!

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