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DIY {NO SEW} STENCILED STOCKINGS – Oh how pretty and it is DIY-ed! No way! Come see how you can make your own stockings to hang on the mantel!

This post is brought to you by: Royal Design Studio. All opinions are 100% on my own.

DIY NO SEW stenciled stockings -Placeofmytaste.com-


How much I love the Holiday Season! There is nothing better than taking out all the Christmas decor from previous years and  DIY  new ones each year.

Today I am sharing a quick tutorial on how you can make these festive looking, yet inexpensive DIY { no sew } stenciled stockings without a sewing machine.

A nice stocking can be pricey. Yep. And why not to save your dollars for gifts and make these awesome stockings from drop cloth and maybe give as a gift…
filled with great gifts for someone you love.

If you missed my CHRISTMAS HOME TOUR  a few days ago, please peek in. If you came by and toured my home you may have noticed these nice stockings on my holiday mantel.

Christmas Home Tour-2

I must to make a confession.

 I have a slight deer addiction… yep…

and that’s exactly why I chose this awesome  REINDEER STENCIL from ROYAL DESIGN STUDIO to pretty up my stockings. I used Royal Design Studio stencil before for my BOYS ROOM and I loved working with their stencil. They have a huge selection of stencil for every holiday and for every taste. This stencil is part of Jennifer Rizzo’s new collection.


1. drop cloth

2. pencil

2. hot glue gun

3. scissors

4. faux fur


6. paint (fabric or any acrylic paint will do well too)

DIY no sew stenciled stockings

1. Flatten your drop cloth and draw out your shape (I eyed it but you can also draw around stockings)

2. Cut out your shape and repeat as many times as many stockings you will make

3. Using hot glue gun, glue together the edges ( leave on about 1/2 inch)

4. Cut a little piece of fur and glue in on the top and the bottom

5. Cut out narrow stripes and glue it on the top of the stockings so you can hang them up

DIY NO SEW stenciled stockings -Placeofmytaste.com-1-3

As a very last step, I stenciled my deer on. 🙂 I used silver and white paint. I recommend putting wax paper inside your stockings before you start stenciling so the paint won’t go through.

Tip: Don’t use too much paint and make sure you put pressure on the stencil so the paint won’t sneak under.

DIY NO SEW stencied stockings -Placeofmytaste.com-7


DIY NO SEW stenciled stockings -Placeofmytaste.com-9-2

DIY NO SEW stenciled stockings -Placeofmytaste.com-8

And because  I am a deer addict, I stenciled a matching pillow with this awesome stencil as well.

DIY NO SEW stenciled stockings -Placeofmytaste.com-8-2

DIY NO SEW stenciled stockings -Placeofmytaste.com-6

DIY NO SEW stenciled stockings -Placeofmytaste.com-1-2

Get on this super easy project and order your stencil today!

If you have not seen my Christmas-y home, come take a look

Christmas home tour

Do you like red and white decor better? Check out my last year’s creations.

DIY CHRISTMAS IDEAS - Placeofmytaste.com

Have a wonderful day lovelies!


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    1. Thank you Amanda. My best projects always turn out to be the ones that are not planned but are very spontaneous and super easy:-) I do love too how they look on the manel…so pretty! Hope your December is great and you are ready for the Holiday!XXOO

  1. This are darling! I love the addition of the faux fur! Stockings have always been on my Christmas sewing list but somehow it just never happens. 😉

    1. Ursula, I have a machine but I just don’t ever feel like using is:-/ Yep, that is my type of DIY as well:-) Thanks for dropping it today!Xoxo

    1. Yep, I love fur this year. I wish there was enough time in my life to share all the ideas I have in my head with fur-hahah:-) Thanks for the visit!

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