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I had the absolute honor to help my friend transform her daughter’s room from BLAH to BOHO beautiful this past weekend while I was in town. This teenage girl’s room design came together literally in ONE single day. Not kidding. Ok, maybe we can say it was two days. We shopped one full day, and I arranged/organized everything the next day while my friend and her daughter were out of town. There was no painting involved in the makeover- I only added decor items.

Teenage room design inspiration

My friend told me that her daughter is turning 15 ( OH MY!), and she would like to surprise her with a room makeover. She found a Christmas list on her daughter’s computer, and she found a few home decor items listed that made her think she would probably be super excited for a room makeover.

And of course, I jumped for joy when my friend asked me because I have missed expressing my creativity since we started traveling. Traveling is so FUN, but it felt fantastic to be in my element again this weekend. The last room I makeover was probably this fun living room with the DIY painted arch.

Her room was enormous, and it was very gray. She had some excellent furniture basics, so we did not have to shop for furniture- only decor items.

This whole room makeover idea was super last minute, so we mostly shopped locally. We ordered one item from Amazon, but that’s it.

Are you ready to see an amazing TEENAGE GIRL ROOM transformation?

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER PIC for you.:-)


Yes! This room needed some TLC! Do you agree?

gray room that needs TLC

The first thing I did was to move some stuff around. I think the furniture placement just wasn’t right when I walked in. I centered the bed on the large wall and moved the dresser to the opposite side. I also moved the old desk to another wall, and just moving these pieces around instantly made the room look a little more organized and balanced. ( I did not take progress pics- ha!)

a bed with colorful bedding and rattan pendant light

The item we found on her Christmas list gave me an excellent head start on this room design.

She had these 4×6 prints on her list. It was apparent she was craving some nature/earthy feel in her room.

art postcards

I found a rattan starburst wall art in Home Goods, and I thought it would be perfect to use a base to clip some of these 4×6 prints above her bed.

rattan wall with clipped postcards

I added warm colors to balance the creme wall. Again, we were not painting walls due to lack of time, so we worked with what we already had on the wall.

Bamboo chair with a yellow ottoman  and bed with colorful bedding

She had a tiny closet in her room, and I added the clothes rack ( dressed up with greenery) and these cool hooks to hang her jeans on the wall.

I added some texture with the rug, macrame curtain, and the big chunky mirror.

Below are the products I used in this room.

I hope this post inspired you to makeover a fun teenage girl room.



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