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Wooden accents in an RV or camper

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Today’s post shares how we added wooden accents in an RV or camper without adding any additional weight! Cedar Planking is a fantastic solution for Rv remodeling – in my opinion. We used it in our previous trailer and our new fifth wheel.

Since we left for our cross-country trip, sharing this info has been on my list. Life is quite hectic while traveling, and finding the time to blog is hard, but here we go – let me show you how we added all the wooden accents to our campers.

Pacific Knotty Cedar Planking

Cedar Planking became my favorite thing! It’s super easy to work with, and you can use it everywhere in your RV or camper. Not adding extra weight to the RV or camper is just a plus.

In our previous trailer, a pull-behind travel trailer, we used it to fill walls and around the slides to add wooden accents for a better look and warmer feel.

You can use a handy Dremel tool ( that we have on hand on this trip for all kinds of projects), or a table saw to cut the planks to size.

See some pics below of how we added wooden accents in an RV.

And in our current fifth wheel, we mostly used these planks to add some personality and cover the seethrough cabinet doors.

Who wants to see all the clutter behind the doors, right? Maybe someone who can keep it all organized.

NOT ME!:-)

We did not want to screw or glue these planks to the surfaces as we wanted to make sure the planks were removable without damaging the camper. The solution was to use double-sided tape to glue the planks to the side of the kitchen island and the see-through cabinet doors. And it worked out so well!

It’s been six months, and these planks are holding up STRONG, my friends!

Do you agree?

Will you add Wooden accents in an RV or camper?

What changes are you going to make to your camper?

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