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*I am a member of Blueprint Social and this is a sponsored post for Ed Roth Stencil1 Stencils and FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint by Plaid Crafts.All opinions are 100% mine.*
DIY Necklace holder by Place of My Taste

Today, I will show you how you can make your own unique and stylish necklace holder using Stencil1 stencil and FolkArt Multi – surface paints. In January, I shared a few closet organizing ideas and  I was hoping to get the closet organization done by the end of January.

Hmmm. Did it happened?Still on my list…Psss

 It seems like this happens to me every year. In that post I indicated that I would love to move my jewelry holders  into my closet once it’s organized and cleaned out so it would be in one convenient place while I am getting ready in the morning. I brainstormed this necklace holder as soon as I looked at my gorgeous cherry blossom branch stencil, designed by Ed Roth.

Things you will need to create your necklace holder:

– Large round “pre-cut” wood plate

– Spray paint to paint the wood plate { optional }

– Ed Roth Stencil

– sponge or brush to apply paint

– FolkArt Multi-Surface paint

– 3 door knobs

DIY Neclace Holder - Place Of My Taste-1

I love stencils. They seriously make life much easier.The Stencil1 stencils comes in large formats and perfect for walls, floors and furniture. They are durable, reusable mylar is easy to clean.

These stencils are available at at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores.

DIY Neclace Holder - Place Of My Taste-2

Are you ready for the tutorial?

Here you go:

First, I spray painted my round wood plate . I chose the dominant color in our new bedroom {still in progress},which is yellow.

Then I placed my stencil on the top of the wood plate, and using FolkArt paint and a piece of sponge I applied my beautiful cherry blossom branches  on my wood. FolkArt Multi-Surface paints are great on any surface – including both indoor and outdoor applications. They are even dishwasher safe!

DIY Neclace Holder - Place Of My Taste

 I could not paint these flowers and branches so beautifully without my stencils.

DIY Necklace- Holder

After I was done with my paint I let the paint to dry for about half an hour. While I was waiting, I cleaned my stencil so I can re use it next time on a different project.

My hubby drilled 3 wholes on my wood and I attached the knobs on.

Necklace Holder

DIY Neclace Holder - Place Of My Taste

Look at my gorgeous necklace holder.

I am in love.

Now I just have to finish my cleaning and hang this pretty on the wall in my closet.

DIY Neclace Holder - Place Of My Taste

My new pieces holds lots of necklace. Can’t wait to create her little sister for my earrings.;-)

DIY Neclace Holder - Place Of My Taste

DIY Neclace Holder - Place Of My Taste

Are you ready to stencil and create something beautiful? Check out other gorgeous stencils and ideas at Plaid , follow then on Pinterest, Facebook , Twitter, Youtube or Instagram.

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I hope you got inspired today!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


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    1. Thank you Friend! I think it will look nice in my closet once I will finish my closet organization one day…;-)Have a wonderful day!

  1. Yep, Aniko, I got inspired 🙂 But I know it wouldn’t be big enough for my collection! By the way,how are you?
    I wish we could see each other soon…. 😉
    I know that you don’t have the idea who I am 😉

    Puszi 🙂

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