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IKEA STOOL HACK (10 of 12)

Last week I shared a great round-up post on some incredible IKEA HACKS and today I am sharing one real easy, but pretty cool and stylish hack of an IKEA wooden stool. I am pretty sure you have seen one of these inexpensive wooden stools before, right? I got it few years ago and it was  bought with the intention of painting it with some fun colors someday. Well, years went by and this wooden IKEA stool never got a makeover. I used it in my kitchen to reach for higher cabinets and finally this past weekend  it was transformed to a cool sitting stool for my son’s homework station. As school rapidly approaching I went ahead and finished my son’s homework station that I will be sharing on Thursday so be sure to check back if you are looking for some fun ideas to get your homework station up and organized before school starts.

Here is the before of this wooden stool

IKEA STOOL HACK 2015 (1 of 1)

It was a little beaten up and had some years of wear on, but with a little paint and 15 minutes of my time I was able to transform this piece of furniture to something fresh and functional.


-IKEA STOOL ( $14.99)

– paint

-paint brush

-painters tape

-faux fur

-staple gun

ikea stool hack


First I sanded my surface then I cleaned off any dust  from sanding with a dry brush. I wanted to do a two-toned design so I wrapped the legs little above the middle with painters tape and I painted the bottom of the stool with white paint. I then painted the top part with my blue paint. After giving this s a tool a quick paint love I stapled a piece of faux fur fabric on the top of the stool.

It was a super easy makeover and I am totally in love with the final result.

IKEA STOOL HACK 2015 (1 of 1)-2

This stool now is a fun sitting stool for my son at his real cool and organized homework station.

IKEA STOOL HACK (11 of 12)Here is a before and after.

IKEA STOOL HACK. How did you love this easy makeover? Have you hacked anything from IKEA yet?

If you missed seeing last week’s awesome IKEA HACKS, be sure to take a peek. So much inspiration!

Amazing IKEA hacks

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