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Yay! Another One Room Challenge project is off the list you all!


If you have been following the blog, you know that six weeks ago we signed up for a “little” kitchen revamp as a guest participant for the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda at Calling it Home.

And this “little” kitchen refresh turned out to be this MONSTER project. Alright, so let me walk you down on memory lane and see how our kitchen transitioned from an old builder’s grade kitchen to a two-toned modern kitchen that it is today.

This was our kitchen when we moved into our home almost ten years ago. Oh, well. It was a beautiful kitchen but not for my taste. After living here for three years, we decided to give it a go and remodel our space. We chose to do it all alone without any contractors. We are huge IKEA fans, and we remodeled the kitchen with their stylish kitchen line. Seven years ago I (We) loved medium brown cabinets, but as time passed and I got a little older (and of course I got better with age) my taste and style have evolved. I still loved the style of our cabinets, but I hated the floor and the color scheme of the kitchen.

After talking the design plan through with the hub, we decided to give it a go and revamp our current kitchen with a few updates. I knew that I would need my hub 100% in this revamp as I could not head into this project alone. And he was my hero ALL the way.

We had the following things on our list to-dos:

  • add open kitchen shelves
  • painting the backsplash ( post is coming up)
  • change flooring -new tile
  • paint kitchen cabinets ( post is coming up)
  • change countertops

Here is the mood board that I created while we were in the planning process. The hub approved it, and we got everything under control.

To tell you the honest truth, this was the hardest project ever, not because of difficulty but living without a kitchen was TERRIBLE! We used our bathroom sink to wash dishes, we ate cereal and Chick-fila for weeks, and we lived with everything being all over the place in the house! No fun!!! We have been married for almost 20 years (Holy Cow), and this kitchen thing for sure tested our marriage lol!

Alright, enough talking here.

Let me show you our new, fabulous two-toned modern kitchen.



I still pinch myself that this is OUR space, you guys! I know that my family will be enjoying this amazing kitchen throughout the Holidays and there will be lots of cooking, laughter, and love in here. I am so glad that I decided with the busy tiles as I think it just works! Life is too short and I believe we should live it bold and colorful. Make our house a home is what matters.

I hope you guys got a little bit inspired and if you are ever thinking about updating your cabinets be sure to check back here as I will share a tutorial on how we painted our IKEA cabinets soon! Stay tuned!

Huge Thank you to Wayfair for providing me with those gorgeous tiles and pendant light and BEHR for providing me the paint.



Pendant light 

Range Hood

White Vase

Paint: BEHR

Upper cabinets: Ultra white

Lower Cabinets: Night Club

Faucet: Delta Faucet

Open Shelves brackets – Amazon

Jute Round Rug

Pillow covers – One Affirmation (Etsy)

Accessories – Target


If you want to learn how we hung those fun floating shelves, click on the link below!




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  1. Love the lighting in this kitchen
    Where did you get the light over the table you said the pendant light cane from Wayfair is the other one as well

  2. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! We are planning to renovate our kitchen to include open shelving and I’m struggling with determining the height at which to install the shelves. Yours look perfect! May I ask what the measurements are between your counter and the bottom shelf, and between the shelves? Also, do you have 8′ or 9′ ceilings? Thanks!

  3. I LVOE LOVE LOVE can you please share more about your kitchen and that island? I want to do this exact kitchen!

  4. I’m guessing you purchased your butcher block countertop from Ikea, right? What option did you go with? I’m planning to go with white uppers and navy lowers – love how your look turned out!

    1. Yes IKEA. Ghaw…if I would remember haha. I went with the lightest option they had. I know they were discontinuing that particular one but I also know they have new versions now.

    1. IKEA! IKEA butcherblock counters. Super affordable, very authentic looking. I am planning on a post on ‘HOW TO CARE FOR A BUTCHER BLOCK countertop’ so stay tuned!

  5. Your kitchen looks great! Just wondering where you got your kitchen table from? We’re looking for something similar. Thanks!

  6. So beautiful! I’m loving that dining table, but don’t see a link to it anywhere. Where’s it from?

  7. Hi Aniko!
    I just came across your site as I was visiting/missing all the room redos and excitement of the ORC> Your kitchen totally appeals to my sensibility and I just wanted to pop-in to say how great it all looks, especially love the black cabinets with butcher block tops, pattern tile and those floating shelves.

  8. Our kitchen is almost identical in size and layout. Instead of an island I have a peninsula. We are going to remodel and I’m trying to convince hubby of an island. Do you mind sharing how wide your kitchen is? It’s so beautiful.

  9. Congrats on the beautiful transformation! The 2-tone color scheme works great. I especially like the stove top and open shelves near the sink. By any chance, were Quartz surfaces ever in consideration? Thanks again for sharing!

  10. Your Ikea kitchen is the exact same as ours (Akurum line in Adel medium brown)! And while I’m in the same boat (it’s not exactly my favourite style) I’m really hoping that we move soonish, because I know it’s a pretty popular style for our area (the reason I went with it in the first place). The makeover looks super good – and I’m definitely intrigued with the backsplash painting 🙂

  11. Hi Aniko, Just love your new kitchen… So inspirational! I’ve been looking over your sources and could you tell me where the light over the dining table came from? It’s gorgeous and needs to find it’s way into my kitchen.

  12. It turned out beautifully, Aniko. I am also impressed that you finished in six weeks. Once I got the extra week, it was like hitting the snooze button. 😀

    I love everything about it. It looks bright and cheerful. Enjoy!

    1. Ha! I was so into finishing everything in time that I haven’t even been on social much so I missed that one extra week extension…plus I was eager to finish our space and be back into our normal schedule!!! Oh well! It’s proven that everything can be finished in 6 weeks haha-) Can’t wait to see what you do!

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