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I am sharing this fantastic family pleaser meal today over at Emily’s great blog,
Nap-Time Creations
where I am a monthly recipe contributor.
recipe contributor
I was debating if I should share some pumpkin cookie recipe on a Monday, or some super yummy apple pie recipe, but than I decided to share this easy-cheesy pasta recipe, just because I know we all  need a simple 25-30 minutes meal for our busy weeknights!
I love cooking meals that are not only pleasing my husband and I, but my  little picky eaters too!
I have learned that I can not go wrong with Pasta, when it comes to pleasing my kids.
If you are in the same boat or just simply love pasta,click to the link below to get to see the recipe and to download and save for later.
If you would like to know how I make my very moist OATMEAL pumpkin cookies  , be sure to check back here later this week!TO VIEW RECIPE, CLICK HERE

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  1. Your pasta looks wonderful! The sauce sounds delicious with the sausage, and I always look for more "30 minute meals" that I can easily make on a busy night! This looks delicious, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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