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This is the first week of the One Room Challenge, and I am super excited to share my plans with you for the space I am makeover this time around.

If you are new around here, welcome!

I have done many One Room Challenges ( wow! I have done so many!)  in the past, and I was participating as a featured designer a couple of years ago when we makeover one of my favorite spaces in the house.

The Guest bathroom

And I am excited to participating again as one of the featured designers. I was debating on what room to makeover. We have an unfinished attic, and I ‘ve wanted to makeover our master bathroom for the longest time. We thought through all of our options and decided to go with…



The Master Bathroom Makeover


So here is a little background on this room.

We have been living in our house for over ten years. When we moved in, everything was builder grade, of course. I was not too crazy about it.

Over time we were able to touch on a few things, like new floors, vanities but we never really had a chance to do a full upgrade. We are still dealing with the same old plastic shower and the old 20 yrs old bathtub.


So here we are! We are going for a FULL MASTER BATHROOM MAKEOVER!

Our bathroom is quite small. And when I say that, you better believe me.

And to be quite honest, there are not a whole lot of options out there to make the space bigger. What can be done to make our space look and feel larger?

Here is what we decided to do.




One thing I like to do before EVERY. SINGLE. PROJECT is to create a MOOD BOARD! And you know what’s great? 90% of the time, my final design looks just like my mood board. Amazing, right?

For this makeover, my goal was to make the space look and feel bigger but still have a functional bathroom.

Here are the STEPS AND PLANS:

  • DEMO THE BATHROOM– Whohoo! Can’t wait to hit the wall with the hammer! Did I mention we are going to remove walls?
  • ADD SKYKIGHTS: Bring in more lights!
  • MOVE PLUMING AROUND: We are moving the vanity to where the bathtub is right now  ( and YES! we decided to get rid of the bathtub!!). Sorry! No space for it! I tried incorporating the bathtub, but it just would feel cramped in there!
  • TILE FOOR TO CEILING! With dramatic charcoal and concrete looking tile!

I chose LARGE 31.5x 31.5″ tiles for the wall as well as for the floor. We will also be adding an accent wall with a very cool patterned tile from The Tile Shop.

  • ADD GLASS panels– We are making an entire wall to be a large shower area with open glass panels! Hello! I love my shower:-)
  • VINTAGE- WOODEN VANITY FOR DRAMA: I am looking for the perfect piece for the vanity! Craigslist maybe…?
  • MIXED FINISHES: I picked out a few fantastic faucets from SIGNATURE HARDWARE for the makeover…I decided to mix finishes for a unique look.
  • OPEN CORNER SHELVES: We are cutting the linen closet out and will be adding open corner shelves.LET’S DIY!

Phew! The list is LOOOOOONG,  you guys!

All I can hope that we will not have to face unexpected issues that would cause delays!


I am SOOO excited to get going with this fantastic plan. Of course, this makeover would not be possible without these fantastic sponsors!


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And be sure to follow along on INSTAGRAM for the behind the scenes! There will be a lot shared!


Thanks for checking in and I hope you will be here to cheer up the steps and process for this MASTER BATHROOM MAKEOVER!





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